Video day today!

First off my second V-Log ^_^ In this one James, my Mum and I visited the Camberwell markets in search of bargains! *Some* of us found them while others found… axes. This one features James a lot so I hope you enjoy the video and see below for what we picked up and to vote on the winner!

We ended up heading home before we actually finished spending our money due to sore feet but still had an awesome day! I can’t think of what a suitable prize/punishment for the winner/loser should be… leave your ideas in the comments mwahahaha!

James’ purchase total: $5- A toy pianoVioletLeBeauxDSC_1549_7419 

My purchase total: $15 – 2 scarves, a bag, an embroidered purse, 4 stickers


Mum’s purchase total: $20 – strands of Czech beads (she didn’t want to be on camera)


So you can cast your vote in the form below and come up with a suitable prize/punishment in the comments mwahahaha! Such a fun and silly day ^_^ Definitely visit the markets if you get a chance, they are a lot of fun!

Ok on to the other videos from this week! First up another Styling Celeste video, this time we did one of my favorite styles, the plaited updo. I’ve done this one a couple of times including a photo tutorial previously as well but we wanted to see how it would look on her dark hair. Too cute!

Last video of the day is a bobbly updo. I did this look to go with the pink/gold make up from last time. I wasn’t planning on making this one into a tutorial, I actually filmed it to test out my lighting set up XD but there were a couple of comments on the corresponding outfit post so I figured might as well ^_^

Hope you enjoyed them all and found something useful!

I’ve got to go get ready now, we’re going to a movie preview tonight which looks like it’s going to be fun! Hope you all had a great weekend <3


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