Another quick easy prop hat to add to my growing collection 😀 This time I wanted a uniform/70’s flight attendant/military-ish hat for my website introduction video! Again I didn’t want to put a huge amount of time/effort into something I would probably only use this once and maybe as a purikura prop so quick stitching and felt to the rescue!


I used:

  • Pink felt
  • White felt
  • Needle, thread, scissors


I cut out a football shape for the top out of white…VioletLeBeauxDSC_0179_4097 

Folded it in half and then stitched up the fold to give it a seam.


Next I cut 2 squares of white and 2 rectangles of pink (half the height of the white) which were long enough to go around the sides.



Stitched the pink around the edges with the white football piece folded up like this:



Stitch up the sides too:


Flip it inside out and you should get something like this (but with the sides stitched up).


Fold the white squares in half…


And place them at an angle on the sides.


If you stitch it in place and then fold the bit underneath and stitch. Taadaa hat!


Seriously this is a pretty shoddy hat but it did it’s job! You’ll have just to wait for the project it’s being used in to see it on me though ^_^

Now if you want to see some awesome proper hat tutorials you should check out some of The Fashionate Traveller’s posts she makes some awesome hats!


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