Very simple headband modification today! I do like plain headbands but some times you can’t beat adding a little bit of detail and this is the easiest way I know how. While it’s very easy to do it also looks quite effective if you use the right colours.

Looks a little like they are a heap of tiny bows!


What you need:

  • Plain headband
  • Glue gun
  • Contrasting ribbon
  • Scissors


Glue the end of the ribbon to the inside end of the headband. Make sure you do it at an angle.


It needs to be around a 45 degree angle so you can wrap it like this…


You could just continue wrapping, that would be very cute too!


Ooor you could do something a little different! Instead of just wrapping you should twist it twice and then continue wrapping. The twist will form the middle of the bow.


Do it tightly so the bows hold their shape.


Make sure you smoosh down the edges around the headband so it lays flat and flares to make the bow.


Once you reach the other side just glue it down and that’s it… finished!


I imagine you could easily do one of these in a few minutes to match whatever outfit you’re wearing 😀



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