So remember when I did that post on using Illamasqua cream pigments as temporary hair colour? Well there were a heap of comments wondering if it would work on dark hair…

Well I managed to coerce Celeste into being my guinea pig and giving it a try out, here are our results!

So in short the answer is YES! It is indeed opaque enough to be used on dark/black hair. The main difference is that I had to pay more attention to where I was putting it so it didn’t get everywhere, mistakes show up more easily. The colour was just as vibrant on dark hair, though we didn’t leave it to dry long enough before I used the straightener on her fringe so some of it wiped off. So the lesson is don’t be impatient like me!

Hope that answers all of your questions 😀 It was a fun experiment!

You can see Celeste’s post over here.

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