So to go with the new Food Friday thing I’m going to do I decided I need a spiffy new hat 😀 But I really didn’t want to spend a lot of time or effort on it. Scraps pile to rescue!

I used the top of a skirt which had stretchy smocking sewn into the waist band (the cut of which made it HIDEOUS  when worn) and some lining out of another dress I’m planning to cut up. You could easily do the same with some white fabric and something stiffer for the band around your head.

My result:


So what you need:

  • White fabric for the poufy bit
  • Shirred/smocked fabric for the stretchy thing or stiff fabric to use as the band
  • Needle, thread scissors
  • Ability to not spend a long time looking at your awesome new hat in the mirror


So what did I do? Measured around my head and cut that much of the smocking.


Needle and thread at the ready, I stitched up the sides to make it into a band. I also trimmed the top a bit so it looked more like a frill not a skirt.



To make the top poufy bit I cut out a big square piece of white fabric, the bigger the square the bigger the pouf. If you wanted to be correct it’s probably better to use a circle but I’m not going to lie: laziness was prevailing on my couch at the time.


Use the needle and thread to gather all around the edges of the white.


Pull it tight so it’s fits the stretchy band.


Turn the band inside out and stitch the pouf to the inside. You could finish everything off with machine stitching, overlocking etc but again… laziness because this is just a prop and I’m not a real chef XD



So you should have something along these lines. Haha I forgot to remove the tag from the inside >_<


Flip it the right way around and you’ve got yourself quite the spiffy hat there! Super girly and it matches my awesome apron too 😀


With a cute outfit now I have more motivation to bake!


Stay tuned tomorrow for the super cute cafe I visited!

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