Well if you followed me on Twitter you would probably have guessed where I was the weekend before last: the Adelaide Beauty Conference! I’ve done my first V-Log at the end of the post too so enjoy!

I was flown up to be the special guest speaker and also to provide a nail art demonstration. James was the photographer for the day too so credit to him for all of these pictures.

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_109

The girls from left to right:Front: Fake Jen/Stef, Sherry, Monnie, Neena, KittyMiddle: Sakura, Jen, Cathy, Me, CelesteBack: Emma, Michelle, Mae, Kirsten, Stacey, Jac

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_052

The event it’s self was a huge amount of fun, it was held at Liquid Hair Salon and there were demonstrations of Dermalogica and Cloud 9 as well as make up from Miss Kitty and my nail display.

My models for the day were Sherry and Neena who were both so lovely and accommodating for me. I did a rose design on Neena and leopard print on Sherry.

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_096

I’m always nervous when doing nails for other people but I was even more so at having to talk and answer questions at the same time. Talking isn’t really my strong point but once I got to know the girls and we all got chatting a bit I felt so much better! It was like hanging  out with my friends 😀 I know Saku video’d the whole process so if she uploads it I’ll post a link for the rest of you.

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_095

There was an awesomely delicious spread from Monnie at Cupcake Treats. We hadn’t eaten much all day so I spent a lot of time monopolizing the food table 😛

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_003

We only spent the day in Adelaide so James and I got up super early to fly in the morning and then out right afterwards. I had been hoping to go to dinner with the rest of the girls but there was an early curfew on the airport so even on the last flight we missed out ;_;

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_004

This is totally my favorite photo of the day, I wish I had gotten to see Kitty’s display to understand what was going on here XD

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_081

The best part of the day for me was getting to meet girls that I’ve been talking to online for months (or in some cases years!) in person finally!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_107

Of course getting to play with nails was fun too! We covered all of the basics in my awesomely technical manner: splotches, squiggles, stripes and decals 😉

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_078

Being a blogger meet there was an influx of awesome cameras 😉

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_038

Liquid Hair was decked out in some serious bling, very appropriate!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_011ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_018

The Dermalogica display was really informative and they presented us with some great information on the FITE women’s charity too.

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_020

With the amount of running around we had done that day (plus the getting up super early) I almost volunteered myself for the facial haha!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_032

I found Emma’s Cloud9 demonstration really interesting too and it made me think about upgrading my hair appliances a step and maybe giving my wand another try! I’m pretty good with the straightener but no matter how I try I fail miserable at using those styling wands which is why I still haven’t reviewed/done tutorials with the one I have >_<

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_028

I got to see the O heated roller system in action too which cleared up a lot of questions I had about it! Emma also showed us an interesting powder which is supposed to take the place of teasing/back combing. That was something I was very interested in!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_061

Speaking of hair products, if anyone has a good heavy duty hair spray recommendation please let me know, they’ve discontinued my black label Cedel ;_;

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_024

Other than my display I spent most of the time getting to know the girls and answering questions about blogging. Next time I definitely want to stay for a couple of days so we can hang out more and see the sights!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_036

Biggest thank you of the day goes to Celeste for organising my trip and being a wonderful host! Thank you for ferrying us around, being so organised and for letting me borrow your nail polishes!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_015

Thank you as well to the Adelaide girls for being so nice to me! It sounds obvious but I was blown away with how nice people were, we had so many offers of lifts and at one point my eyes were watering from hay fever and no thought at all Jac was straight to her bag looking for antihistamines for me! *so appreciative*

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_098

Kitty’s make up presentation using all kinds of cool colours:

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_084

Everyone seemed to have such a wonderful time. Driving around there has gotten me thinking about moving again XD Such cheap rent too!!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_057

Of course it was another good excuse to hand out business cards, I’m completely obsessed with them right now. Probably good too because my printing company gave me double the amount I ordered so I’ve got quite a few to hand out!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_070

If you want to see the rest of James’ photos click over here for the full Adelaide Beauty Conference Gallery!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_074

The event ended  with thank you’s, cheers and gift bags. Celeste surprised me with some really lovely gifts as well, I’m really lucky to have wonderful friends like her! I ended having to leave most of it with her because of my lack of baggage but I can’t wait to try out what I did bring. Especially the Ardel 6 week false lashes, that sounds like such a cool idea so I’m going to try them tonight!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_072

Cheers to everyone and thank you all so much for having me as your blogging exchange student!

ABC 2011_www.JimmyAmerica.com_013

Now something I’ve been looking forward to (and dreading slightly) my first vlog! I debated for a while how to pronounce vlog (as in VEE-log or like blog with a v) and settled on VEE log because rather than being short for “video blog” I’m going to make them short Violet’s Log mwahahaha! Now I can make all kinds of nerdy Captain’s Log jokes too ;P

I’m still getting the hang of recording and remembering to look at the camera but it was fun to put together so I might start doing them more often if you all enjoy it ^_^

Thank you so much to all of the Adelaide girls for giving me such an awesome intro!!!
Ok that’s it from me for now, I hope you all enjoyed coming with me to Adelaide and had as fun of a time as I did!!

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