I completely forgot I made this top… fail! I went through a period of making lots of matching pajamas and things around a year ago and while I was digging around trying to clean up my craft shelves I found it! I’m thinking I might unpick it and use the fabric for something else now but in the mean time this is how I made a really simple comfy top XD


What you need:

  • Fabric
  • Stretchy  elastic lace trim
  • Sewing machine/overlocker or a lot of patience to hand stitch it all
  • Scissors
This is the easiest possible way to make a singlet style top like this because it takes very little measuring etc.
Firstly cut 2 pieces of the trim which are long enough to go around your chest, measure around your rib cage. Then cut a rectangle of fabric which is around twice as long as that and as tall as from your underarms to how long you want the shirt.
These are my pieces with the fabric folded in half:
Overlock all the edges to seal them and stitch the trim to one of the long ends.
You should stretch it as you sew so that when you let go it ruffles up like this.
Stitch the other trim piece in the middle also stretching it.You will need to decide how high up you want the waist part of the shirt so you know were to stitch it. Having this band gives the shirt more shape. If you want to get fancy you can sew it in a kind of curved line so it leaves more space for your chest in the middle.
Fold the whole thing in half with the good side in and stitch the edges together down the side.


If you want you can edge the bottoms with a proper seam but seeing as this was not going to be seen by anyone other than James, I left them overlocked. I’m not convinced he could tell the difference anyway XD


Add a couple of straps from the same stretchy trim and that’s all done!


Once you get the basic shape understood you can made all kinds of variations. My favorite around the house dress was made using the same idea but with a much longer skirt, a little lace trim at the bottom and pinching the fabric at the bust to give a very flattering line.


I know some of you have been waiting for patterns for a lot of the older sewing tutorials I did, well I’ve just finished off the first batch ready to export and upload as well as some random wallpapers that I got carried away with making so next week I’ll put them all up for a downloading day haha!

Have a great weekend!

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