First thank you for your lovely comments on James’ post, you’ve all given him a swelled head and now he thinks he can take my laptop whenever he likes!! I’m still really tired from going to Adelaide yesterday but I’ll make sure he replies to all of you soon and I will definitely take all of your lovely comments into consideration XD

Anyway, more on that and Adelaide soon!

Snapshots ahoy and this time let’s start off with purikura ^_^ Not so sure why James’ head is in a cake in the top right but who cares, we’re riding an alpaca! James says it’s because he’s yummy and delicious and best served with Betty Crocker icing.


This month started off with eating donuts from Walkers and pretty much only involved eating donuts from Walkers… a lot of donuts.VioletLeBeauxP1040764_3377 copy

I love it there because they play swing music and James loves it because they sell America soft drinks and have $1 jam donuts XD

VioletLeBeauxP1040767_3380 copy

Before anyone asks: don’t worry it’s just a wig 🙂

VioletLeBeauxP1040766_3379 copy

There was a bit of shopping, well not real shopping more like walking through shops on the way to get to more boring destinations…

VioletLeBeauxP1040760_3373 copy

But even that resulted in this -_-‘

VioletLeBeauxP1040763_3376 copy

James spotted a blue version of the Valliant he just sold and was nostalgic.

VioletLeBeauxP1040758_3371 copy

I giggled inappropriately at the suggestive instructive pictures on these kitchen kitchen sponges.

VioletLeBeauxP1040754_3367 copy

I almost bought this cake decorating toy on sale but changed my mind last minute because the cupcake version looked so much cooler but wasn’t available. Completely pointless but so cute! I want to bake tiny cakes!

VioletLeBeauxP1040749_3362 copy

I discovered how awesome the idea of heat up slippers is and then realised our apartment is so warm we never turn the heading on anyway so it’s probably overkill.

VioletLeBeauxP1040752_3365 copy

I also stopped myself from buying pretty stickers because even though I love stickers I have no idea what to do with them…VioletLeBeauxP1040753_3366 copy

I also didn’t buy this cute rainbow yarn, this snapshots sure seems to be full of a lot of things I didn’t buy XD That can be this week’s theme!

VioletLeBeauxP1040748_3361 copy

I thought about buying a bonsai tree and then remembered that between James and I we have killed several of them.

VioletLeBeauxP1040670_2689 copy

We ate a lot of delicious food court food on the way to other boring places.

VioletLeBeauxP1040755_3368 copy

Architecture break:

VioletLeBeauxP1040746_3359 copy

Random photo where we’re both actually in shot break:

VioletLeBeauxP1040745_3358 copy

Pretty floral break:

VioletLeBeauxP1040669_2688 copy

Some poor guy’s bicycle break… literally…

VioletLeBeauxP1040747_3360 copy

One more architecture break because I really like this clock!

VioletLeBeauxP1040662_2681 copy

We were invited to Games Night at Kim’s place. The rule is that new people have to win before they are allowed to be regular members of the group, I was paranoid but I won first time YAY! That’s an achievement because I really suck at games. And in case you saw the Pictionary post and were wondering, I didn’t beat James with a notebook at all this time so fun was had by all.

Speaking of Pictionary, now that the competition is over and the winners have been announced I can tel you all that James’ drawing was A SNAKE CHARMER! Good on the 3 of you that actually got that right! Though some of the other responses were much funnier than anything I thought of so I suggest you guys go back and read the other comments for a good giggle!

VioletLeBeauxP1040834_3579 copy

Kim has an awesome wall painted to be a white board so this was the night’s menu:

VioletLeBeauxP1040855_3600 copy

The reason it was pending a taste test was because we didn’t know how it was going to taste. So if it came out well it was mine and if it tasted terrible it’s was james’.

Celeste tested making curly fries with her new machine too 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1040835_3580 copy

The first game we played was Monopoly Deal which is basically a card game version of Monopoly but very confusing.

VioletLeBeauxP1040839_3584 copy

As always, I was a very classy winner. And I definitely did NOT throw my cards in the air and bathe in the game money I collected.

VioletLeBeauxP1040852_3597 copy

Too late guys, I won the first game, you can’t un-invite me now!!

After that we played chocolate Monopoly which was basically just an excuse to eat chocolate.

VioletLeBeauxP1040854_3599 copy

And then it was dinner time! We had cheese fondue which was a first for me. Very yummy!

VioletLeBeauxP1040842_3587 copy

Though towards the end the burner wasn’t working properly and we were pretty much just eating lumps of cheese and making suggestive comments about how it looked… my friends are all super mature just like me 😉

VioletLeBeauxP1040848_3593 copy

Awesome dinner spread!

VioletLeBeauxP1040841_3586 copy

So it was a wonderful night 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1040845_3590 copy

And I’ll leave you with our rules board which may be slightly biased to a certain member who is much better at strategising than everyone else XD

VioletLeBeauxP1040856_3601 copy

Hope you all had a great weekend, I can’t wait to show you all the stuff I got up to in Adelaide as soon as I can sift through all the video/footage!

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