Hello readers of Violet! It’s me, Jimmy! I know you were expecting some kind of miracle craft from Violet where she turns a cue tip, some old lace and a dollar store plastic flower into the best tasting doughnuts ever (wait, am I dating Macgyver?) but instead I have locked her away. HA HA HA!


Image credit: Listal.

You see, many people don’t know this but Violet used to work from 10am to 10pm and then spent the night replying to e-mails, comments, writing blog posts, taking pictures, thinking up new ideas, contacting companies and worrying if people liked it. Then we discovered how funny YouTube actually was. Between blogging and working on photography/graphic design/video work for clients we were already using up all of our peak-time internet, so we have to watch YouTube during the off-peak (2am-8am). So now Violet works from 12pm to 2am. That’s a 14 hour day, every day of the week. And she doesn’t stop for anything, I do the cooking and she eats at her desk. She used to break for Judge Judy, but then they cancelled it!!!

Finally enough was enough and I decided to force her to take a day off. I told her she is sleeping in, she can get up and have a shower, but then it’s straight back to the bedroom for breakfast in bed.

She was really worried about all of you, so I said I’d handle today’s post, then she got REALLY worried. But she can relax, we’re having fun, right? Right!

I then gave her a list of my top 10 Jimmy approved activities:
1. Read poorly written romantic novels and critique/poke fun at them (a guilty pleasure of hers)
2. Deco something (but no photos, she’s not going to sneakily turn something into a blog post on MY watch!)
3. Do nails
4. Bake something (again, no pictures)
5. Beat me at arm wrestling (my list was sounding a little chauvinistic)
6. Do some Japanese lessons
7. Tell me what to get her for lunch/dinner
8. Clean up the icons on her desktop (ooooohhhh how it bugs me)
9. Watch some TV/Movies

Image credit: Ioffer.

Did I get a punch in the tummy for that last one? You bet I did! I also suggested Terraria, but she thinks games that don’t have an end are pointless. Which I guess is true in a literal sense, but it’s so freaking addictive!!! If you haven’t played it yet, don’t. I played it once and now I play it almost every night for ages. I started to get bored with it, then I started from scratch with a new world and I love it again. Damn you Terraria!!!

Me being awesome in Terraria.

This is starting to get a little long, but maybe you guys could settle some bets for us? I say that while I’m sure you guys appreciate all the effort that goes into tutorials and reviews, sometimes you would just like Violet to post about more general stuff like what she did that day or what she has planned for her next day off in 2013. You know, general personal stuff. She says it would seem conceited and boring. So if you guys agree with me, sing it loud and sing it proud in the comments below! Violet will read the comments, but I will be answering them this time. Also I think there should be more of me here because  I am clearly awesome! Vote 1 Jimmy!

Ah crap I forgot we are going to Adelaide tomorrow, maybe I should let her out so she can tell me what to pack? That doesn’t sound very relaxing though.

One last thing before I go, a plug.

ha HA! Plug. No but really, Violet has told me that I should post everyday to on MY blog which is about photography for beginners on a budget, so now I’m posting Monday-Friday. Trying to anyway, I forgot yesterday, even though I had actually written the post, I just forgot to post it. www.JimmyAmerica.com and if you have any photography related questions you can ask me here in the comments or on my blog. Maybe I’ll turn your questions into a post because it’s really hard thinking of 5 posts in a row. BYE!!!

Oh damn, she does some kind of code thing at the end here to make it only show the first picture and some text. I must have watched her do this a million times, why don’t I know how to do this? Uhhhh…tell you what, just pretend you only saw the first picture and some text, then you clicked a link and now you see the whole thing. There, I fixed it.

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