After the excitement over my hair last week I was asked for a tutorial on it by some of my lovely newer readers. I’ve done tutorials on this style a couple of times which are listed below but I hadn’t done a video of myself doing it yet so I figure that would be the easiest way of answering any questions. When I did the style on Celeste a few months ago you guys asked how I could do it on myself, so… taadaa!

The main difference between this version and the one I did on Celeste is that we teased her hair completely. Because my hair is bleached I am more worried about damage these days so I choose to use a hair rat inside so I don’t have to tease my hair as much.

The other main question I get about this style is what can you use as a rat? I use a rolled up bandana covered in a crappy old hair extension but you could really use anything light which is in the shape you want. Foam, fabric, whatever. Just something to hold the shape.

This is the last time I’ll be doing something on this style but feel free to check out the other tutorials I’ve done on this style here:

So hopefully that helped and thanks so much for watching!  Over the next week I’ll be implementing a lot of the suggestions you guys made in the survey last week so keep an eye out for them 😀

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