This is a simple hair tutorial showing the way that I do this big poufy hair style. This style can be used in a Japanese hime gyaru fashion look or adapted to many other styles. This is just one out of many ways to achieve looks like this and isn’t as damaging as many others as it uses a rat hair piece rather than teasing the whole lot.

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Today I’ll show you how my hair in a basic hime pouf.
This is the style I do most often.
Brush our your hair.
Mine was a bit dirty so I added a little scented talcum powder.
My version of this style is by no means the best of only way to achieve this style but it’s what works the best for me.
Take a small section of hair starting at the top of your ears and moving up to the top of your head.
Clip it out of the way and too the side.
For this version you will need a rat” basically that is something squishy in the same you want your hair to be.
Mine is a bandana wrapped in a hair extension.
Pin it to the top of your head behind the section of hair you clipped out of the way.
I am using a darker colour so you can see what I’m doing.
Pin it at the front, back and both sides so it’s really securely in place.
Now unclip the front section and brush it out.
Divide it into 3 sections: left, middle, right.
Let the left and right sections go so you are just holding the middle.
Using a teasing comb brush the section straight forward and tease the back of it so it will hold the shape better.
Lay it back over the rat and pin at the base.
Now spray it all over with hair spray and smooth down.
use your fingers to fan it out so it covers as much of the rat as possible.
Take a section from the right and brush it upwards.
Tease the back with the comb and pull it up the side and over to the opposite side.
Pin it at the base of the rat and also pin it at the top of the rat so the curve stays in place.
Repeat it on the other side too.
Pull the section up, brush through, tease, pin top and base, spray and smooth.
If you are unhappy with the shape just squish it until you like it and spray again.
To blend the bump to the bottom hair a bit more just grab a section from the side, tease and pin at the back.
Of course, spray it in place too.
Repeat on the other side and you’re almost finished.
That’s the basic bump almost done.
From the back you can see there are a few gaps where the rat can still be seen.
just fan out the hair with your fingers to cover them and spray.
If you use a rat the same colour as your hair it doesn’t matter as much.
Time to curl the rest of it.
I use a mini straightener for the curls.
Don’t forget the bits pinned at the back too.
Add some accessories front and back and you’re finished!
I like to use long ribbons on the back so it looks more impressive.
If you feel your hair isn’t big enough you can tease thr roots for some extra volume.
I live by the motto that there’s no such thing as too much hairspray.
So now you’re all made up you just need somewhere fun to go and show it all off.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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