This is a short video tutorial on simple pink and silver nail art with a lace theme.

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Today’s video is a quick tutorial n how to do some simple lacy nail art.
I love silver and pink together so this is a fun combination.
First step, you need to lay down a base colour.
I am using a very light pink.
You may need a couple of coats to make it completely opaque.
Clean up around the edges by using a cuticle stick with a little bit of polish remover soaked cotton wrapped around the end.
Now it’s time to add the design.
I am using a bright pink Essence nail art polish.
Whatever polish you use, you will find it easier to use a long striping brush like this.
Load the brush with polish.
Lay it diagonally across the nail and draf upwards so it forms a stripe like this.
You might need to touch up the end if you didn’t have enough polish to do it first go.
Next load your brush with silver, again I’m using some from Essence.
using the same technique, drag the brush across to create a thicker silver line below the pink one.
Now add little semi-circles along the bottom of the silver line.
You may find it easier to use a small nail art brush if you can’t control the long brush properly.
Now add another small diagonal silver stripe to the top corner.
The next step is to create the lattice pattern at the top so paint a couple of horizontal stripes between the top silver line and the pink one.
Then add the same amount going the other way.
Add one more pink stripe above the top silver one.
If you want you could also fill tin the rest of the top with the pink for extra pop.
Lastly, to tie it all together, place small pink dots following the lines of the silver bumps.
Done! Very pretty but not too over the top.
So now it’s just a matter of painting all of your other nails to match.
While waiting for the polish to dry I practice my awesome TapTap Revenge moves.
Without all of the speeding up, I think this hand took me around 15 minutes to do, not including waiting for the polish to dry initially so this is a style which you could do before a night out of special occasion.
Striping quickly and neatly takes a bit of practice.
My biggest tip would be to rest your hand on something and move the nail rather than the brush.
Doing all of these little lace loopy parts really is much easier and more precise if you use a short thin nail brush but oh well.
Of course this is much more interesting when you’re doing it on yourself rather than watching me.
The little dots can be easier to make perfectly even if you use a dotting tool or the end of a match stick.
And there you have it. Nailed it! haha Ok sorry that was a james joke.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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