So I still haven’t had time to go white stocking shopping even though you guys gave me so many awesome recommendations! In the meanwhile until I have proper shopping time I came up with a make shift solution. James was in Myer looking at cameras and he saw a discount bin full of really thick nice white leggings for $4. Score! But I don’t really wear leggings, I think they make me look a bit odd (scratch that I’m going to experiment with them more and see if I can make them work). So easy solution: buy the biggest size and sew up the ends to make them into stockings. Problem solved!


It doesn’t really need instruction but here’s some anyway…Take leggings in a much bigger size than you are…

Turning Leggings into Stockings

Turn them inside out…

Turning Leggings into Stockings

Making sure that you laid them out flat and the ends haven’t twisted, and sew them shut. Of course they would be much more durable if you overlocked them rather than hand stitching.

Turning Leggings into Stockings

Stitches should be along the lines of this but you know, less Photoshop and more actual stitches in a matching thread…

Turning Leggings into Stockings

DONE. Now put on your make shift stockings ask yourself why on earth Myer stocks 230948023958 kinds of nice opaque white/cream leggings and no *properly* opaque white/cream stockings? There is no correct answer so just go enjoy your discount stockings until you can get time off to go real shopping.


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