This is a short video on how I do an overhead plaited hair style. It was created as a companion to a photo tutorial on my blog. Thanks for watching!

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This is my favorite Summer hair style.
It’s great for hot weather because it keeps the hair off your neck.
If you pin it enough it’s ridiculously sturdy too so great for windy days or bad hair days.
You will need a brush, pins, hair ties and something to decorate with.
Brush you hair our and part down the middle into two sections.
Tie one of the sections into a pony tail to keep it out of the way.
You might want to pin your fringe out of the way as well as any layers you want to leave down.
Plait the other section of your hair tightly down to the end.
You need to plait in an overhand way so the first step is taking the back section over rather than under.
This will ensure it sits flat against the side of your head.
Tie it off with a hair tie as close to the end as possible.
Now repeat on the other side but this time don’t tie it off.
Many people have asked if this style works for shorter hair, the answer is yes.
Just pull the section of hair up so the plait starts higher up the side of your head.
Take the plait and pull it upwards and over the top of your head.
Take a bobby pin and slide it over the end of the plait to hold it in place.
You might need more than one pin but it just needs to hold for a minute while we fix the other side.
Remove the tie from the other plait and pull it up and over to the other side of your head.
Follow the same line as the first plait so they cross over at the top.
Poke the ends of the plait under the beginnings of the other one.
Pin it in place.
Now move the beginning of the first plait over the top so the ends are all hidden.
You should add pins on both sides of it.
You can see the ends on the left are hidden pretty well but ones on the right need to be squished in more.
The technique I used for pinning is to grab a bit from the plait and a bit from the scalp, pull away, rotate the pin in towards the plait again and slide underneath.
The twisting makes it very secure.
Now it’s just a matter of straightening or curling your fringe and the layers around your face.
And adding some pretty accessories.
I’m using a chain of felt daisies that I made.
In the past I’ve also used little bows and fake flowers, anything goes.
And that’s all finished.
Cute, sweet and very pretty for Summer.
It’s a little bit dreamy.
So it’s perfect for imagining you’re in a romantic novel and spend your days staring longingly out windows and waiting for a lost love.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

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