Funnily enough this is the only actual outfit in this outfit post XD I don’t know how this happened but apparently I only took make up photos over the last few weeks, not outfit ones >_<

VioletLeBeauxP1040937_3682 copy

Dress: Discount store at Harbour Town Jumper: 7 Angels Shoes: 7 Angels Beanie: Made by meThat outfit was for a casual MBBE meet up, I was testing out an Estee Lauder palette so it was all browns and natural colour. The result is still quite nice though.VioletLeBeauxP1040928_3673 copyI have been trying out coating my lower lashes with mascara and using lower liner too for the first time. For this look I just did the lashes on the outer half of my eyes. I quite like it but it’s not something I would do every day.

VioletLeBeauxP1040927_3672 copy

This was a more colourful experiment that I tried out for the second time to meet up with my friend Alice for tea.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_023

She said it reminded her of a fairy and I’m inclined to agree ^_^

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_025


I’m still refining this a bit and seeing whether it looks best with lower mascara or not but I think it’s a really nice look.Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_024

Tutorial on this has been requested so once I get it right I’ll make one ^_^Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_026

LAstly the whole lower mascara/eyeliner has lead me to some fun experiments

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_001

This looks is a lot more grungy and much darker than I’m used to wearing but James really liked it XD

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_007

He had a bunch of new lighting that he needed to test so I was the stand in model again >_<

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_002

These last two photos are crappy phone pictures taken from my mobile blog to show some more of the bottom lash experiments I’ve been doing. This one uses little corner bottom falsies that I think I really like.


And this one is just to show that I do actually have lower lashes, I didn’t even know they existed because they’re blonde!

So what do you all think, are you a fan of lower lashes or do you prefer to do your top ones only? Do you guys have tips for applying bottom mascara without stabbing yourself in the eye/making a big mess?


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