Yet another “long time coming” post, I promise I’m trying to catch up!

Ombré, gradient, two tone, incredibly stupid looking, call it what you like, people have been asking about my hair ever since I did it. I’ve always been really hesitant in providing instructions etc because I’m not a hair dresser, I’m not a colour expert and I also don’t want to be responsible for people giving it a try and not being happy with the results *_*

So rather than an actual tutorial this is more of a post that I can direct people to if they are really interested in how I do it. I’m not suggesting that people try this at all because it depends on the type of dye you use, your hair type and a lot of other factors so please talk to a hair dresser before you do anything!

My hair is made up of 3 colours: blonde, pink and copper. This is my routine:

  • I bleach my roots maybe once a month (or leave it longer if I’m lazy/feel like wearing a lot of hats). I use a pre-colour stripper and do not use toner so it retains that orange tone which blends well with the other two colours. They’ve just discontinued the bleach that I use so not sure which brand I will be changing to at the moment >_<
  • The copper tips were originally achieved through a Schwarzcopf 8 wash colour (Aztec Copper) which never… washed out. I had planned on touching this up once a month too but it’s been a very long time and it’s still in there so I’ll probably only touch up  when it needs it. The pink only tints the copper area slightly so it provides a nice backdrop and a nice variation in the colour.
  • The pink is done once a week, or if I’m feeling lazy once every few weeks. At the beginning I did it every 4 days but that was too much effort/expensive so I have since scaled back. The dye I use is called Wakk Stain but it’s not something I would recommend. For a few months I thought it was drying out my hair like crazy but the cause ended up being a hair treatment that wasn’t suited to my hair type, even still I probably wouldn’t recommend this dye because it washes out so quickly. The fact that it does wash out so quickly and doesn’t stain skin is perfect for my needs at the moment though because it makes it easier to move around into the correct place, goes on quickly and can be removed if you make a mistake. I think Priceline has stopped selling this now too anyway (or at least the ones near me have) so I will be experimenting with other dyes in the next few months.
So with all of that out of the way, this is how I do the pink parts! Again if you intend to try this please go to a hair dresser!!

So hopefully that answers any questions and fingers crossed you enjoyed!

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