There have been quite a few requests for hair tutorials lately so I thought I would give doing a video one by myself a try 😀

Recently I’ve been really missing my short hair, I’ve had it long for a few years now and I usually get to a point that I’m so sick of it I chop it all short again. This time I don’t want to get rid of it because I love the length and the pink parts so I’m experimenting with various ways to fake it.

This style is good for Summer because it keeps hair away from your neck and shoulders. Or you know, just good for people like me who get bored with their hair easily!

Do take a look because it’s got the new theme song (and girl with the lashes at the end!) and it’s a completely new editing style for me. I’m still improving in making videos (especially my lighting set up, James worked out how to make it so much better since I recorded this one) so any suggestions are appreciated!  Also do let me know if you prefer to have tutorials like this in photo or video form. Ideally I would like to do both photo and video version fo everything but it can be quite time consuming so I might just do one at a time for now and redo them in the other form later. I made Youtube partner last week and now I’m getting the hang of doing more editing etc so I’m all excited about doing videos hahaha!

Anyway enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed it and it was a bit useful!

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