As you all probably know by know by now MOR is one of my favorite brands 😀 When I heard they were going to be stocked at one of my favorite make up stores Mecca Maxima I was very happy! When the lovely PR agent Sarah invited me down to come and look at everything it took me about a nanosecond to accept. Smelling a lot of pretty things? YES PLEASE! By the time she mentioned the possibility of cupcakes I was half way out the door 😉

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_003

Myself, the lovely Sarah and her adorable assistant Breana in front of the MOR stand.Violet LeBeaux_MOR_017Now prepare for a lot of gratuitous product shots, it was all so pretty I forced James to take photos of *everything*Violet LeBeaux_MOR_007

Perfume with a french crystal bottle and 24 carat gold details, so pretty!

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_001

I think these pictures speak for themselves so enjoy!

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_005Violet LeBeaux_MOR_002Violet LeBeaux_MOR_004Violet LeBeaux_MOR_009Violet LeBeaux_MOR_008

Did someone say cupcakes?!

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_010

Don’t mind if I do! Red velvet and cream cheese icing= win!

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_011Violet LeBeaux_MOR_006Violet LeBeaux_MOR_013Violet LeBeaux_MOR_015Violet LeBeaux_MOR_014Violet LeBeaux_MOR_020Violet LeBeaux_MOR_012Violet LeBeaux_MOR_016

They were super sweet and Breana had put together a lovely gift bag of some of the new range for me. Thank you girls! Totally love the bag too, it’s my new laptop bag!

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_018



We all went out to yum cha for lunch afterwards and there was lots of girl talk 😀 Sarah lived in Japan for quite a while so we had a lot in common! It was a really nice afternoon and it’s always fun to meet people with so many similar interests. We actually bumped into their graphic designer on the way to lunch and it was wonderful to meet the woman behind the designs that I admire so much. /end gushing

Violet LeBeaux_MOR_019

So on to the reviews!

MOR at Mecca Maxima

Candied Vanilla Almond Candle

MOR at Mecca Maxima

This candle is really interesting, I think it’s kind of like a scented candle for people who don’t normally like scented candles. When unlit the smell is a very nice vanilla but when lit it’s so subtle that if you didn’t know it was on, you would probably just think you were in a really pleasant smelling person’s house XD Even my Mother likes this and she *hates* scented candles with a passion. I think this is the perfect background scent for those who either can’t deal with heavier scents or just prefer a tiny hint.

It wouldn’t be a MOR review if I didn’t talk about the packaging hahaha! The candle comes in a very pretty cardboard box tied up with a ribbon. It’s contained in a glass jar with the logo, once the candle is burned down (and it burns very cleanly straight down because it’s soy wax) you can keep the glass for later, I’m going to store my make up brushes in it 😀 The logo is actually printed on in 24 carat gold… very luxurious *_* The price is $39.95 which I think reflects the fancy gold packaging, quite expensive for a regular candle but considering the reusable glass and the fact that the Emporium Black collection it comes from is all about over the top luxury I would probably splurge if I had unlimited funds. As is I think it would make a good present for someone you weren’t sure what to buy. DO WANT.

Belladonna Lip Nectar Lipgloss

MOR at Mecca Maxima

So often lipglosses are overlooked in the packaging department but with MOR I wasn’t surprised that it came in an adorable little box! Again perfectly presented to make a nice gift and at $19.95 it’s in a good price range for that. I couldn’t find a way to describe fragrance of this one so this is from the website:

Belladonna presents a Spring symphony of White Narcissus, Moroccan Rose and Pink Tulips enlivened with a sparkling mist of Meyer Lemon. Finally it is sweetened with a touch of French Cassis, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk to leave a trace of tender warmth

No wonder I couldn’t pick it with all of those elements mixed together! When I first applied the gloss I couldn’t work out what I was smelling, my lips were a little tingly and after several minute of sniffing myself like a nut job I realised it was peppermint oil! The peppermint leaves a nice cool sensation but I think it overpowers the other scents a little bit making it hard to get  hold of the overall smell.

The gloss itself has an amazing amount of shine and staying power. It’s super glossy but doesn’t have any real colour by itself, worn over lipstick it looks amazing. It took several hours including eating until I needed to reapply. As with most tube glosses like this it does have a tendency to be very sticky so not a good choice for wearing your hair out on a windy day 😉 For inside though it’s perfect and I do feel like it’s made my lips softer after use.  Being paraben and sulfate free is also a big plus. DO WANT.

MOR at Mecca Maxima

Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream

MOR at Mecca Maxima

Again very pretty packaging on this one, the whole Emporium Black collection has really beautiful design. The price is $24.95. the forumla here was very similar to the other hand cream I reviewed in that it felt very smooth and thick going on but later when washing my hands I got a little bit of a slippery feeling like it hadn’t soaked all the way in. I thought it smelled delicious though, the vanilla was much stronger in this than the candle and while not overpowering, it did linger so every now and then through the day I got a nice reminder of it! Interestingly enough even though James liked the candle, he didn’t like the hand cream. He thinks it reminds him of something but he can’t remember what >_< I like the smell a lot though so… DO WANT (as long as you’re not going to be putting your hands near James)

Marshmallow Perfume Oil

MOR at Mecca Maxima

After my last perfume oil I was very excited to try this Marshmallow one. The other one hasn’t left my handbag since I got it XD Again, the bottle is adorable and perfectly handbag sized. The little tube it comes in is also perfect for holding bobby pins in your handbag too! I mentioned in the last review that I wanted to try some of the marshmallow flavours and people replied it was very nice but very much not like actual marshmallows. Now that I’ve tried it myself I would have to agree, it’s a beautifully sweet scent but it’s not marshmallow, it’s more like those little pink musk ring lollies I used to eat as a child. Do they still make them? Every time I wear it I crave the lollies now!

The smell is strong but it’s also not overpowering and it lasts quite well without being annoying. It’s a very sweet fragrance so if that’s not normally your thing it might be one to steer clear of. The bottles last forever too, I’m only 1/3 of the way through the last one and I wear it all the time so I think the value is decent at $19.95. This one has been added to my handbag too, very much DO WANT (but not if you don’t like very sweet musks).

So another lot of products that make me very happy and now that they are being stocked in Mecca Maxima I know I’ll be back soon to try the lip macarons 😀

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