After the fun we had last post I decided I would share all of the videos Celeste and I made the last time she was here. After finishing up with her Hime style squid hair we decided to give one of my favorite styles a try: big curly one sided up do thingy covered in flowers. Catchy name yes?

I will be doing a lot of these videos again as proper tutorials once I get Sophie back from the laptop fixing place because James has set me up a fancy new video area with nice lighting and a backdrop.  Celeste is coming back soon so we can do more together too!

Again no talking, just music so feel free to imagine this conversation in the background:

Violet: I think this style is kind of Marie Antoinette-ish at least that era. Well maybe not in a really historically accurate way but still pretty.

Celeste: Pft very pretty. Almost as pretty as Nyan cat!

Violet: Hahaha! James has been trying to play that all morning on his guitar>_<

Celeste: I wonder if I could get my school band to play?

Violet: Nyan orchestra! So cute!

Celeste: I like this style, very pretty.

Violet: You should do it at home for work!

Celeste: Meh too hard to get up that early XD

Violet: True, also get up so much earlier just to look like the wind blew your hair over to one side and you fell in a garden of flowers?

Celeste: Ahahahahaha!! *sending photos to roommate*

Roommate: Cyndie Lauper!!!

Violet and Celeste: -_-‘

Hope you enjoyed!

So if you want to see the photos James took of Celeste or read more about our day, check her post over here!

Side note: I managed to find a place to fix Sophie, thanks for all of your suggestions guys!! She should be back in action tomorrow-ish 😀