So it’s my birthday next Saturday and I’ve been debating whether to do something or not. Normally I’m of the opinion that managing not to die for a whole year isn’t really an achievement worth celebrating but this year my birthday also marks 1 year since we moved into this apartment in Melbourne and I think I’ve achieved quite a bit since we got here so I’m thinking to maybe do something this year, who knows what though XD

To get myself in the spirit of things I decided to try to make a list of things I want. Most of them are completely unrealistic and I don’t really neeeed any of it… but that’s the fun part ^_^ So let’s go shopping with my millions of fictional dollars!

Disclaimer- All of the images are click through links to the original source so you can visit the stores, not owned by me and are used here to illustrate things I think are cool. If you own any images and would like them removed please email me and I will do so.

Wittner Shoes $189.95Not necessarily these shoes but this style of military-ish low heeled boot. I think something like this would be very comfy for walking but still look great with a pretty dress and military jacket.

Fancy Docklands Apartment $1.1million

A girl can dream right?? I love our apartment but I really just want to buy a place already so I’m paying off my own mortgage not someone else’s!

Meta Sailor Dress 22800yen

I love these wide boat collars no matter what the design, being nautical themed makes is doubly awesome though!

Patterned stockings in any design. $20ish each

I especially want some leopard print ones! Also I’m down to my last pair of white opaque stockings so I should probably find a place here that sells nice proper opaques ones of those too.

Leopard Print Cardigan £64.95

Again not necessarily this particular one but for some reason this is the one leopard print thing I’m yet to spot in stores here: reasonably priced plain leopard print cardi. This is probably to go with the leopard print stockings!

Mp3 player lantern from Strapya $15ish

I like long showers… I want to be able to play music during said showers. This is the cutest version of these I’ve seen so far.

Pink Strapya iPad Stylus $18ish

Ok technically I actually cashed in all of my birthday presents already to buy an ipad so this is all hypothetical but I totally want a nice cute stylus for it so I can draw more often. To go with it of course I would need a nice fancy drawing app so that’s another $15 and while I’m there there’s a bunch of other apps I would buy so let’s add in….

iTunes gift card!

To buy all of the apps I’ve had my eye on for blogging and just general fun like:

  • Blogsy (for writing posts on the go!)
  • Garageband (for making music for my videos and general fun)
  • iMovie (because I’m wondering if I could film fun videos out and about with this… probably not worth the trouble though hmm)
  • Mega Deco Calculator (because I need a gigantic bling calculator to match the one on my phone XD)
  • Photoshake (for writing mini tutorials)
  • Layer/iDraw/Freeform/Sketchpro (some kind of awesome drawing app for fun!)
  • Something for practicing kanji
  • Games to keep James busy!

Amazon/iBooks/Zinio gift card!

While we’re talking about it I’ve been reading on the ipad in bed a lot so it would be awesome to be able to indulge my habit and buy some books 😀 I’m thinking some good crime/mystery novels, Japanese magazines and craptastical romantic novels that I read for the giggles!

Any store gift cards XD

I think I’m one of the few people who actually likes gift cards. A lot of my friends/family are hesitant to give them because they aren’t personal but I figure that unless you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort coming up with something super awesome and very personal I would rather a gift card that I can buy something I really want with than generic bath salts XD

Tiny keychain camera from Strapya $12ish

This is just the cutest thing ever. I mean it’s kind of pointless because I always have my phone and my point and shoot and James camera etc but it’s so tiny and cute that I want to get it and deco it anyway!

Lenses for cell phone cameras $10ish each

Such a cute and pointless idea. They stick on over the top of phone camera lens to give cute effects!

Pretty phone stap $5

I probably wouldn’t buy one but I really should get off my butt and make one!

Custom name phone strap $10+

Again I should just make one of these XD Shiny and pretty! I just like having all of my stuff customised 😀

Macaron making kit $30ish

Heart shaped macarons? Bunny shaped macarons?? HELL YES I WANT! I was to do more baking and cute kitchen things are a must. I have no idea if this adorable kit works but it’s so cute I don’t even care haha.

Bear Bouquet $60

I’m allergic to flowers so this is a pretty good substitute!

Puppy! $700+

The second we move into a house/apartment that allows it I’m going to get a dog. At the moment I’m tossing up between a Westie and a Spitz. I also love Pomeranians and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I had as a kid was the perfect temperament so I will have to wait and see what kind of place we live in and how much space there is before I decide. I can just imagine that the quality of my posts will deteriorate then as I spend all my time posting photos of my dog XD

Pleated Tartan Skirt Innocent World 13440yen

So many pretty items at Innocent World but I especially love this skirt!

Innocent World Handbag 12390yen

I think this might be my dream bag. I love structured bags like this because they make everything so much easier to find inside. Eventually I’ll have to give my current bag back to my Mother so I might save for this! It’s white so it goes with my wardrobe, it’s subtly cute without being over powering and it’s not huge. I find when I carry big bags I tend to just try and fill them with more junk XD

Better lighting for videos $50ish

James is working out a better lighting set up for my videos so once we find what works in the space it would be nice to be able to buy it! I’m hoping I can have it all permanently set up on my dressing table that way I can just sit down and record videos when I get inspiration rather than have to take over the whole bathroom and spend a lot of time doing set up ad having James accidentally cameo-ing in the videos in the mirror behind me XD

Enough time to properly take Japanese lessons again

This doesn’t so much have a dollar figure but it would be nice to have enough time to study language again. Included in this would be new books to further said study.

World tour trip! $10k?

It would be so awesome to be able to travel around the world for a couple of months visiting new places and having meets ups with all of you along the way! James want to go back to America for all of the food from his childhood so maybe we could do Singapore>Malaysia>Russia>UK>USA>Japan>New Zealand or something like that XD Can you imagine the Snapshots posts I could get out of that?!

Acrylic nails $50ish

Realistically I think this is what I will do on that day XD I’ve been wanting to do my nails again for a while but I don’t have the time to sit and do my own atm and I could use some pampering time so maybe I’ll go get some plain acrylics and decorate them myself later.

Haha that’s a pretty long list now right? XD It feels weird to be this self indulgent because I generally spend birthday money on sensible things like bills or things we need around the house >_<

What do you guys do for your birthdays? Pampering day? Huge party? I’m not really one for parties but maybe a dinner out would be nice! Now back to work for me hahaha!

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