These “what’s in my hangbag” style posts used to be so popular a while ago and I never got time to do one so I’m making up for it now haha! My good old faithful red bag seems to be on it’s last legs so I’ve been borrowing this black/white one from my Mum recently until I can buy a new one. I don’t generally change bags often or to suit my outfits so it’s very sad when I have to put an old faithful bag to rest ;_; I’m waiting to find the perfect every day bag for my next one so if you see something I might like send me a link!!


So this is my current one, I like it because it’s big enough to fit a whole lot of junk but not so big that my shoulder wants to break at the end on the day. It’s a good size for work because it holds documents easily too.DSC_0324

I pretty much always have a scarf tied to the bag somewhere because they are so useful. Pretty but in a pinch they can: protect your hair from rain or wind, cover bad hair or fix ruined hair, mop up a spill, wipe away stray make up, be folded into a bag to carry groceries or shopping, smoosh into a pillow for long car rides, wrap around bag handles for more grip/padding and so many other things that I can’t remember right now XD

I like bags with lots of pockets so I don’t have to dig around for stuff. I tend to just throw random things in my bag so I like ones that keep my valuables away from anything that might damage them. This one has 6 pockets/sections which is not bag but I think I want even more haha!


In the top zip section and pocket I keep…


1. iPad
This is a new addition to my bag and it replaced my DSLite, a book and a bunch of other things I used to carry around with me. It also replaces having to take a laptop to meetings now which makes my shoulder much happier! This case is just until I finish making my custom case from scratch, so look out for that tutorial in a while!

2. Business cards
I don’t think I need to explain these… they are for work!

3. Notebook
I can’t give up the pen and paper completely so I keep a little notebook for important notes, dates and anything else which needs to be written down quickly or sketched to explain to clients.

4. Headphones
I wish I could take my big ones around with me all the time but unless I know I’m going on a long trip, these ones are just so much more space saving. I’m planning to customise them a bit more in the future and maybe add some more bling 🙂

5. Pens
Fairly self explanatory. The lipstick one is from the last MBBE swap and it’s adorable!

6. Mirror
Small mirror for just in case emergencies. I want to replace this with one of the cuter ones I have sitting in my drawer but haven’t gotten around to it.

7. Blog business cards
Much prettier than my regular ones haha! Again, the use is fairly obvious. These are so much harder to store because of the bows so I think I need to re-evaluate that when I design the next lot. Totally worth it for the cute outcome though.

This is what lives in the middle pocket:


1. Gloves
So important! I can’t stand my fingers being cold so I always like to have gloves in my bag just in case.

2. Fan
Seems silly but can be a life saver in Summer especially if you’re wearing a big frilly outfit.

3. Tape measure
Must have for fabric shopping, crafting and general shopping. I find it’s good for thrift shopping too because if you don’t want to try clothes on or there’s not a space to you can quickly measure them and make a decision on fit.

4. Small Bag
This holds tissues and toiletries like aspirin etc. It’s nice to have everything together in a little bag rather than rattling around in the bottom of your bag getting dirty.

The second large section of the bag holds these:


1. Make up case
More detail on that below in it’s own photo.

2. Sunglasses
‘Nuff said.

3. Camera
The charm is a Capybara that James won out of a vending machine!

4. Lip Palette
Love this so much because there are so many colours that I never need to worry about not having something while I’m out. It also has a gigantic mirror which is useful!

And inside the make up case:


1. Case
I got this one from Haigh’s chocolate shop, it was filled with delicious freckles but has been totally worth the money as a reusable tin. Mmm chocolate.

2. Lip Palette
So you can see the colours inside.

3. Comb
Always good to have one of these handy! This one is a very old metal base which is quite pretty. There are usually a heap of bobby pins in here too.

4. Lip Gloss
This is one of many that find their way into my bag… I can never seem to have enough though!

5. Perfume Oil
I’m not a big fan of perfume but I keep this one in my bag with me because it smells sooooo good. It’s very fruity and good for touch ups after a long day.

6. Cotton buds
Very useful for make up touch ups etc. These ones have water on the inside so you flick them and the end of the cotton bud gets wet for better make up removal.

7. Lash glue
Just in case of lash mishaps!!

And in the final 2 sections of the bag….


1. Mobile phone
Of course!

2. Facewasher
Again like the scarf this has so many uses!

3. Wallet
I don’t actually carry a wallet much these days, partly because James keeps all my important junk in his wallet and partly out of never going out that much haha.

4. More lipgloss/balm
Only having 3 in my bag is pretty good for me! Usually they just accumulate at the bottom because I never take them out XD

5. Handkerchief
I embroidered this one myself!

And that’s it! To be honest this is like the neat version of my bag after I have a clean out, generally the bottom of it is full of crap like sugar packets, other people’s business cards and napkins >_< It’s nice to pretend I’m neat though sometimes!!

Hope this was a fun post to read ^_^

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