As sad as it is and no matter how much I wish otherwise, sometimes favorite pieces of clothing are un-savable. My Metamorphose sailor cutsew is one of them. It met with an unfortunate accident with a delightful 9 year old’s icecream cone and hasn’t been the same since. I’ve been carting it around for 3 years now thinking maybe I could fix it or meet a magical dry cleaner but in the last wardrobe clean out I decided to bite the bullet and give up. To be honest it never really looked great on me to begin with because it had wide shoulders and no shape in the waist but it’s hard to shake brand love as an ex-Lolita XD While I no longer wear the fashion, some pieces just have too much memory in them to give up.


So I salvaged the parts I liked (the sailor collar and sleeves) and spliced it with another nautical shirt which Is started customising many years ago (added the bottom frill and made it tighter) in my “to do with at some point” pile ^_^


The offending icecream stain 🙁VioletLeBeauxDSC_0293_1811I cut the sleeves, collar and ribbons off leaving as much fabric to use as a seam as possible. This is roughly the layout I decided on…VioletLeBeauxDSC_0294_1812

Collar was nice and easy, just overlock the raw edge…


Pin it along the inside of the current collar…


and stitch it in place.


Bam! New collar ^_^


Now the sleeves!


I cut off the cuff of the sleeves on the anchor shirt and overlocked the seams together. Insanely simple.


And that was it. Nothing earth shattering and I haven’t decided if I completely like the end result yet but at least now my poor Meta shirt didn’t die in vain XD


The back:


And co-ordinated…


Ugh I need to remember to take outfit photos before I go out so my clothes aren’t always so crinkly looking XD Normally I’m in a rush to leave and by the time I get home I’m all disheveled and I just want to get it all off and sit down haha!


So that’s it, two unwearable shirts into one that I actually like ^_^


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