After the fun I had with the last lot of products from Fashion Addict, they were lovely enough to send me some of their make up items to look over and review. I have always loved bright fun make up and so after chatting to David about it for a while we came up with the idea for a peacock themed look. Challenge accepted!!

And here are some pictures of the finished look as well as the test run I did to try it out. I don’t normally wear my make up this bright but I’ve been making myself try new things and I’m loving it!


Close ups:VioletLeBeauxDSC_0053_1600VioletLeBeauxDSC_0054_1601VioletLeBeauxDSC_0055_1602VioletLeBeauxDSC_0056_1603Here’s the video tutorial I ended up coming with:

It’s got a lot going on so if case you couldn’t see from the video or the photos, here is a terrible sketch of the placement of the colours. Of course you should blend them more if you actually try it out 😉


I also did a test run which ended up having more clear photos and while the finished product isn’t exactly the same and I used different lashes you can get the idea!


Now let’s talk reviews!


BYS Shine Stick Eye Shadow $2.95 This is probably one of the standout products in the group that I received. It only costs $2.95but it packs a punch. The colour is a nice bright jade green and it goes on really smoothly. Only problem I had is that if you put this on first and then layer powder shadow over the top it then has a tendency to crease because it’s so smooth. I didn’t notice the creasing when I was wearing it alone though. Super easy to apply because of the pointed tip but after you wear through that, might be better off applying with something like a cotton bud if you want precision. Twist to get more rather than requiring sharpening makes me happy. DO WANT.

Cover Girl Slicks Gel Eye Colour $4.95 Nice thick pencil in metallic ice blue. Goes on reasonably smoothly though not as easily as the BYS one. This one also requires a sharpener which will give more control over the point and how much you use. The outside of the pencil gets dirty really easily, after one use half of the writing had come off on my hands >_< The colour is nice though and it seems really versatile. No major complains about the actual formula. DO WANT.

BYS Kohl Eyeliner pencil in 35 Mint and 34 Electric Blue $3.95 each. While these two come from the same line, they couldn’t be more different. The green is soft, buttery and has a great colour pay off while the blue is hard, pointy and I felt like I had to stab my eyelid to get any colour at all. It sucks because the blue is actually really pretty but not worth the amount of effort spent getting it. Both colours are fairly dark and matte. The green is bright and blends well with other colours, it stretches quite well too. I’d say the staying power is fairly average for both of them. Because of the inconsistencies I would probably want to try them in store before buying, that said at $3.95 it’s not exactly a hefty investment to buy a couple and look for a winner.


Left to right: BYS Kohl Electric blue, Mint, Cover Girl Sticks Gel Eye Colour, BYS Shine Stick

Urban Decay Shimmer Powder in Rockstar $14.95 From the photo on the site I was expecting this to be more of a dark purple shimmer but in real life it’s actually a black powder with a slight purple glitter mixed through. Not what I was expecting but still damn nice. The powder itself lasts ridiculously well and the purple shimmer makes it a lot more interesting than your standard black. Main problem I have with this is the applicator, in short I hated it. Every time I opened the bottle shimmer went everywhere, the brush was very scratchy and stiff on my eyes so I took to applying with a cotton bud. Even though I really liked the powder, I probably wouldn’t repurchase it because of the packaging unless I found a colour that I *really* liked. (swatch is below with the next group.


Exhibit Purple Shimmer $8.95 This little jar is full to the brim with impact and also of actual product, every time I open it I manage to spill it on myself haha XD The colour pay off is really nice and it’s a good medium purple which is versatile enough to be used as the highlight or low light shadow depending on the  look you’re going for. It stretches and blends easily and I would definitely look at trying the other colours in this range. DO WANT

BYS Black Magic Eyeliner $3.95

I really wanted to love this one! Gel liner is my favorite product and I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown long lasting one which I adore but it’s too expensive to keep going after I hit pan. Consistency-wise I liked it, felt smooth on my brush and left a nice clean line behind but that’s when the goodness ended unfortunately. It takes forever to dry and smudges like crazy. In my routine I put on my lashes then liner then the rest of my make up. With this liner by the time I’m finished everything else it’s still wet and smudging over everything. I tested it on my hand and after 5 minutes it was still wet, I don’t have that kind of time in the morning but if I had longer I probably wouldn’t mind so much. Second problem I had with this is the packaging, not sure if this one was faulty but the lid disintegrated in my hand when I was unscrewing it the second time I tried it. The base is solid but the top is pretty crap so for the moment I’ve covered it in glad wrap before I can decant into something else. For the price you pretty much get what you pay for with this one in my opinion.


Be Yourself Quatro Shimmer Pot $3.95 You guys know I’m a big fan of this stuff, I even wrote a whole post about it here with a video! I had stuck mainly with light bright colours with this in the past so I decided to branch out into a some darker ones and see if they measured up. They did! The performance was as good as the bright ones and the added bonus of having 4 colours in one made me happy. The applicators were useful too, the single ones don’t come with applicators so this was a welcome change as it was much less wasteful. Colours were nice and the shimmer was just as strong. DO WANT.


Left to right: Exhibit Purple, Urban Decay, each of the 4 colours in the Be Yourself Quatro Shimmer Pot


Be Yourself Diamond Shine Lipstick in Mauve Twinkle $2.50 Be Yourself is like the ultimate in inexpensive Australian cosmetics. I can’t remember seeing a lipstick this cheap that didn’t completely suck so this is the awesome exception to this rule. The colour is nice and shimmery and it feels really good on. Doesn’t last overly long but hey $2.50, can’t really complain. I would totally buy more of these, I think they would be especially useful for melting into custom lip glosses or testing which shades look the best with your skin tone without wasting a fortune. DO WANT.


Be Yourself Diamond on the left and Bourjois Sorbet on the right.

Bourjois Eau De Gloss Cosmic in Sorbet Fraise $9.95 Very aptly named because this really reminds me of strawberry sorbet on a hot summer day. While it looks pretty intense in the bottle once it’s on the lips it’s a nice wearable shade, it’s full of gold glitter which will probably limit how nice it looks depending on skin tone though. The bottle is kind of cute and the price is about half of what current bourjois lip glosses are in Priceline if I’m remembering correctly. As with the other glosses I have from this brand it doesn’t have that horrible gravelly glitter feeling that a lot of others do. DO WANT.

Maybeline Expert wear blush in 20 Siamese Pink $9.95 The brush that comes with this is pretty useless but the colours are nice. They arent very pigmented so good as starters for people who are not used to wearing blush. They are caked in very hard so if you want a heavier colour payoff you would really need to dig for it. I prefer the top shimmer to the actual blush because it’s very versatile. I’ve used it under my brows and also on cheek bones as a highligher.


Maybeline Expertwear shimmer powder in 10 Blissful Pink $8.95 Nice and light with very minimal shimmer this works well as a versatile highlighter. Again it’s packed in pretty heavy so if you want a high colour pay off, this isn’t the product for you. The brush again is pretty useless but still worth it as a basic highlighter. DO WANT.


Can’t really see them but left to right: #20 Siamese Pink then #10 Blissful Pink.


BYS Glitter Eye Creme Mix 3 $3.95 I was planning to base most of the look around this palette originally but the first time I did a test run I had a very serious allergic reaction so I couldn’t try it again 🙁 basically they are a metallic base with a very heavy glitter mixed in. It was a bit hard to work with them but once on they weren’t terrible. The glitter is proper thick glitter though so I wouldn’t suggest putting it around the crease because it’s pretty pointy XD For all it’s faults I still really liked the actual colours but I wouldn’t buy again even without the allergy.


Beilizi Eyeshadow Kit 1b $7.95 I adore the colours in this palette. They are bright, a bit metallic and very pigmented. You don’t have to dig for colour either which is good. The applicator that comes with it is less like those cheap sponge ones and feel kind of like a memory foam pillow XD still I don’t really like those sponge applicators so I used a brush for application and they apply really nicely, almost like a cream. There are so many pretty colours here that I could probably use only it for a month and still do a different look every day. If I was to only keep one of all of these products, this would be it hands down! I had never heard of this brand before now but I fully intend to hunt more of it down now 😀 DO WANT.


Peacock accessories

Peacock Feather Earrings $4.95 The earrings are longer and danglier thuan I usually wear but they were so light that I didn’t even notice. I don’t really know why I was expecting them to be heavy but there you go haha! I liked that the hooks came with the little rubber stoppers on the back too because I am forever loosing earrings that don’t have those. The feathers used aren’t exactly the same (one longer than the other) but I imagine it would be almost impossible to find completely matching feathers.


Peacock Feather Pendant $4.95 The necklace is made of a thin dark metal chain with average looking clamps. Again very light material.

Peacock Feather Fascinator Adelaide $24.95 The fascinator was an interesting design, not something that I would usually pick for myself but in the end I really did like the design. I think if I did my hair in a big up do it would suit quite nicely. Quality-wise the feathers are bound well together but the diamantes on the band fell off the first time I wore it, not a very big problem because I could just hot glue it on again but if you were planning to wear one out to a party or anything I would double check everything was secure first.

And that’s everything! Thanks again go to Fashion Addict for providing most of the items I used in the tutorial. I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures Celeste and I got when we were given a tour of the Fashion Addict warehouse, it was like heaven *_*

Well there you go! I hope you guys enjoyed, I’m having fun making these videos so expect more soon! Let me know if you have any requests ^_^ Also after the comments last time I tried to make this video louder, let me know if it was enough or if I should make it even louder next time?

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