After reading how much I loved their last gift bag, MOR was lovely enough to send me another package with their new Dolce by MOR collection for Target. It comes in 3 flavors: Honey, Sorbet and Pomegranate.

I recieved the Pomegranate flavor which is described as having “a heart of Violet and Jasmine, a burst of tangy Pomegranate blends with sweet Rasberry and Black Currant coulis to top a Sweet Musk vase.”

This whole collection had a really interesting smell because while all of the items had the same ingredients the mediums they are contained in (eg. hand cream or body wash) made different elements of the smell come to the forefront. That said I think I am absolutely terrible at describing scents so it’s probably best if you all go and smell for yourselves!

As usual the packaging was absolutely beautiful. This being their cheaper range for Target I was expecting the quality to be a bit lower but I was pleasantly surprised. It all looks adorable and reasonably sturdy 😀


Candle- $15Firstly I love that the candle comes in a tin with a lid because after the candle has been used up, I have every intention of keeping the tin and reusing it again for a cute storage container. As I said in my last MOR review, having nice packaging is such a big plus for a company because if it’s nice enough, people like me will actually keep it and advertise the product long after it’s run out. The biggest point of smell in the candle is the pomegranate. When lit it provides a deliciously sweet smell but not to the point of overpowering a room. I can comfortably burn it for a few hours without wanting to open a window. It’s subtle but I still found it enough to drown out the delicious smells of next doors curry dinner!! Not sure what else I can say, it certainly burns well and doesn’t let off smoke. I would buy again especially with the tin as a nice bonus. DO WANT!VioletLeBeauxDSC_0415_1312

Hand Cream- $10

The hand cream has a really thick texture and while you don’t need much to cover your hands, it feels like it doesn’t soak in completely. I found that if I used just a little too much it could be hard to actually rub it all in. Even an hour later when I went to wash my hands they turned that slightly slimy texture. I loved the smell though. The strongest smell in this one was the black currant and jasmine. A big plus I give it, is that while it smells nice and strong coming out from the bottle, after rubbing in the smell is just subtle and doesn’t linger for an annoying length of time. I’ve had hand creams before where I needed to wash them off because the smell just lingered and gave me a headache after a while and this wasn’t one of them. Overall I think the size is appropriate for the price and considering how rich it is, the tube will probably last months! TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!


Body Wash- $15

The body wash comes in a nicely sized pump bottle which matches the lotion perfectly. It suggests either use in the shower or as a hand wash, I chose shower but I love products which can do double duty. The smell straight out of the bottle is mostly pomegranate but once water hits and you start rubbing in it turns to black currant, reminds me a ridiculous amount of black currant Soothers, you know the purple ones? The biggest problem I have with this is that the pump itself puts out a small amount of product, not so bad if it wasn’t quite thick and therefore hard work to pump in the first place. It would be a fine amount if you were using it as a hand wash, but should be more for body wash. It lathers well, cleans pretty well and leaves a hint of scent behind. Oh my god the smell is amazing, it could turn me completely purple and I would still buy it for the smell XD DO WANT!


Body Lotion- $15

Same very pretty bottle as the body wash but in white. Love the graphics on the bottle, so pretty! Again the lotion is quite thick though and the pump only puts out a tiny bit at a time so it can be tiring to try to get enough out of the bottle. It’s a nice texture and easy to rub in and absorbs well. Feels moisturizing but obviously being a lotion rather than moisturizer it’s not a substitute for a proper skin care routine. The smell lingers longer than the hand lotion and you don’t need much to go a long way. You can really smell the violets in this one, once rubbed in the pomegranate and black currant remain. Very yummy and I found myself sniffing for hours afterwards. This I would definitely buy again. DO WANT.


I haven’t tried the soap that was sent because I much prefer body wash to bar soap so I can’t really comment on it other than to say the packaging was really cute and it smelled as lovely in the box as everything else in the collection. If and when I do I will update this review.


Overall I love this collection. The prices are decent at $10-15 per item and being stocked at Target means it’s very easily available. While there is some room for improvement in the formulas and packaging, I would definitely put any other items with this fragrance onto my wish list. It’s sweet, refreshing but not too overpowering or sticky. DO WANT.


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