Cute little yarn covered headphones have been floating around the internet EVERYWHERE lately. I’ve seen a bajillion people selling them or similar ones that are crocheted but a similar idea. So I decided to give it a try but rather than using a hook to chain over them I decided to bust out my popular-in-the-90’s-kids-craft: friendship bracelets.

Sooo many people at my primary school had these! There were the flat ones and also the big round technique which is what I’m using here.


What you need:

  • Tape
  • Flat Surface
  • Headphones
  • Yarn/cotton/embroidery thread
  • Scissors


Tape the top of the headphone to a hard surface. I’m just using the floor here but you could use a table or a book or anything as long as you can tape to it securely without damaging it. Make sure it’s not going anywhere.


Tape the end of the thread next to the top of the headphone.


Now this is how to do the basic technique which is repeated over and again.

Hold the yarn with your finger and cross it over the top of the headphone cord to form kind of a backwards number 4.


Now bring the ball of yarn back the way it came but this time go underneath the headphone cord.


Pulling the yarn through upward put it over the top of the beginning of the yarn. Essentially what you did was loop the yarn around the headphone cord but instead of making a spiral you made a knot.


Pull it tight and up to the top of the cord and it should look like this:


Do it again!


After repeating a few times you should have something similar to this. Basically because you’re knotting around the cord you will have a row of knots on the right side and loops on the left.


That’s really it! Keep going and going and going until you reach the “Y” point where the headphones join together.


If you want you can twist the knots around the cord as you go so it forms a pretty spiral.


Once you get the hang of it this is a good mindless craft to do when you’re watching a movie or something because you don’t need to may too much attention to it ^_^


Cut off the extra yarn leaving a tail of around 3cm. Now you’re 1/3rd done 😀


Repeat on the other headphone cord as well. This time when you get to the join don’t cut off the yarn.


Now continue down the cord but instead of tying the knots around just one of the cords, do both for a couple of knots then continue over the joiner part until you’re back down to the cord.


Now all you need to do is continue to the end of the cord!


Lastly to tie off all the loose ends use a needle to poke them back up through the knotting and you’re all finished!


Finished! You can add deco to the hard plastic bits to finish of if you like too.


If you use variegated yarn I imagine this would look even cooler! I totally want to make a different pair to match all of my outfits now XD I bet you could add in some little beads or hanging drop jewels or something. The possibilities are endless. Hmm now to decide what to add next. Maybe a little piece of attached velcro to keep them tidy in my bag!

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