Following on from yesterday’s post on Face of Australia’s cosmetics, here are my swatches of the polishes I was sent. I’ve done the new collection Molten Metalics and a couple from Luxe which is the previous collection.

Brand: Face of Australia

From: Priceline, Big W, Kmart (I think they are currently looking for a place to sell online too)

Price: Around the $5 mark from Priceline.

Volume: 13ml

Bottle: Square with a tall, shiny, thin, black lid. Easy to store and stack, no complaints here.

Brush: Average size, maybe a little thicker and very flexible. Some of the brushes had loose/long bristles which I had to trim before attempting to use them which was a bit annoying.

Drying Time: Roughly the same for all of them. Nice and quick drying time.

Colour Name: Beauty Queen

Description: Good old fashioned Barbie pink.


Thoughts: Nice fresh bright pink. Opaque in 2 coats with a really nice shiny finish. You can probably guess that I really like this one 😉VioletLeBeauxDSC_0628_1493Good for: -Work friendly manicures with a bit of extra pop -Sweet cutesy designs, perfect base for Hime and Lolita -Might be good for konad over light designs as it’s fairly opaque.Bad for: – Non-girly designs. I don’t think there’s a way to un-girly this shade of pink!


Colour Name: Private Jet

Description: Matte dark purple.


Thoughts: I do love matte purples, I have quite a few of them, when I swatched this one I just wasn’t particularly excited by it. It’s not that there’s anything particularly wrong with it, I just think it’s too similar to other polishes I’ve got. Still, looking at it by itself it’s got a nice smooth finish to it.


Good for: -Dark midnight themed designs -Might make interesting konads as it’s pretty opaque and matte konad=win.

Bad for: – Shininess XD Obviously this could be fixed with a top coat though!! -Being the same colour as in the bottle, obviously because it’s a matte shade it comes out a lot darker when it dries.


Colour Name: Summer Spice

Description: Super bright orangey red.


Thoughts: Oh my god this shade required sunglasses to look at for long periods of time!! It’s a nice matte finish the same as Private Jet but I found this one a much more interesting colour. It really smacks you in the face with it’s awesome brightness!


Good for: -Spring/Summerish manicures designed to stand out

Bad for: – Subtlety


Colour Name: Bronze

Description: A redish bronze with gold shimmer.


Thoughts: I really liked this one, I could totally see it being used in some awesomely shiny leopard print designs. It’s a very reddish bronze which I think makes it nice and versatile.


Good for: -Jazzed up leopard print or other animal print designs -Probably good for konad because of the high concentrate of shimmer

Bad for: – Rushed one coat manicures, really needs a second coat.


Colour Name: Verdigris

Description: Greenish gold.


Thoughts: I think this is the weirdest colour I own, it’s not quite gold but it’s not quite green but in other light it’s not quite whatever colour is reflecting off it. I honestly didn’t really like this colour, something about it just didn’t sit right, on my hands it just looked a little sickly. It might look nicer on someone with a more olive complexion? The colour change between the different coats was quite interesting too.


Good for: -Swirly 1970’s themed manicures

Bad for: – My skin tone -Consistant colour


Colour Name: Titanium

Description: Silver with a silver shimmer.


Thoughts: This one is a really intense silver packed with shimmer. Only needs one coat and shines like hell in the sun. No complaints about this one at all, goes on smooth and and is so versatile.


Good for: -Probably konad as it’s super shimmery and opaque -Adding a little bling to a standard design -Awesomely shiny french tips

Bad for: – Natural looks. Seriously it’s not a subtle finish at all.


Colour Name: Iron Ore

Description: Black with a beautiful silver shimmer.


Thoughts: This is probably my favorite of the whole collection. The silver shimmer really gives it an extra edge and the finish is kind of satin-ish. When I applied a top coat it was like looking into the far reaches of the galaxy XD It has a really nice depth to it and while not completely opaque in 1 coat it is still enough that I would wear it with one coat just for a change.


Good for: -A nice twist on gothic themed manicures -Maybe good for konad as it’s pretty opaque

Bad for: – Light girly themed manicures, though if paired with the Beauty Queen pink that could be a really interesting combination!


Colour Name: White Gold

Description: A nice light gold with silver shimmer.


Thoughts: Now pair this with the Bronze and you’ve got yourself a fairly impressive leopard print! By itself though, the colour didn’t thrill me. I’m not one for tans or neutral colours so I think there are other girls that could rock this look way better than me! The finish was really nice though, true to its name it really did look like white gold.

My bad for loosing the photo with the main swatch but you can pretty much see the finish from the bottle. It really does look exactly the same.


Good for: -Natural work friendly manicures with a little punch -Probably another one which is good for konad because it’s nice and opaque which hell of a shimmer

Bad for: -Standing out in a crowd


Colour Name: Gold

Description: Bronzey base with a LOT of gold shimmer.


Thoughts: This is the third colour I would use in my awesomely shiny leopard print of doom 😉 The bottle really doesn’t do justice to how this looks on, once it dries it’s *really* shiny. In the bottle the tan/bronzey base looks like it’s in main colour but once it’s on the nail the gold shimmer works its magic and it’s like looking at foolsgold/pyrite. Opaque in one coat, what more do you need?


Good for: -Natural work friendly manicures with extra bling (I’m noticing that’s a theme with the this collection) -Using as a little accent to cute girly manicures

Bad for: – Probably wouldn’t look good with some skin tones as it’s very yellow.


Colour Name: Amethyst

Description: Deep pinkish purple with a silver shimmer.


Thoughts: Another of my favorites from the collection. I do love a good pink/purple and the shimmer just makes it really versatile. It needs two coats to be opaque and it a tiny bit streaky but I still love it because it has a lot of depth.


Good for: -Darker gothic  designs -Add a little silver accent and you’ve got something cute and girly too

Bad for: – Probably bad for konad as it’s not very opaque first go.


Colour Name: Flaming Lava

Description: Red with a deep red shimmer.


Thoughts: LOVE this one too. It’s another one that I could spend hours staring at because of the depth of colour. The shimmer really amps up the colour so in the light it’s a little hypnotic. Opaque in one coat is really nice for a red this pretty too.


Good for: -Nice twist on really sexy traditional red manicures -Probably good for konad as it’s nice and opaque

Bad for: – Super sweet designs, this one is just plain sexy.


So overall? A lot of the colours I loved, some were ok but not for me. I probably wouldn’t buy the whole collection but I would definitely buy my favorites individually. At $4.95 each you can’t really go wrong with some of them. Molten Metallics is definitely an interesting collection so I can’t wait to see where Face of Australia go next!


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