I’ve been chatting on and off with Tina from Face of Australia on twitter for a while now and having used some of their products before I was really excited when she offered to send me a care package. Face of Australia is one of those brands which is completely underrated in my opinion. I’ve used their products in the past and really liked them and I always check them out when I head into a Priceline but you never really hear people talking about them much. Recently they have delved into the land of social media and now everyone is talking about them which is great! It’s really nice to see an Australian brand succeeding and doing social media the right way for a change rather than just begging for retweets.

So on to the reviews! I have an entire collection of polishes which will be up in tomorrow’s post but for now let’s talk make up. It was a mixed bag and some things I absolutely loved while others were nice but not for me.


Pressed Bronzer $11.95 and Instant Tan Bronzer Mouse $11.95 I’m the first to admit I know nothing about bronzers, mostly because I never use them and have no desire to be any shade of tan, so it’s hard for me to really comment on these. I did swatch them quickly on my arm for the sake of trying something new but having nothing to compare the experience to I wont make any judgements!Straight on my arm, pressed bronzer on the left, mouse on the right.VioletLeBeauxDSC_0013_1560

Rubbed in:

VioletLeBeauxDSC_0014_1561 SPF 30+ Coconut Spray $12.99 I like the bottle the sunscreen comes in, it’s big but not so big it would be hard to take out with you. It has a nifty little black clicky thing which is attached to the spray part that folds up and down to prevent it from spraying all over the inside of your bag! The smell is quite realistically coconut rather than that generic smell a lot of coconut beauty products have. I personally hate coconut so it didn’t do it for me but James loves it! The spray itself is fairly watery and rubs in nice and easily. While I don’t like the smell, that’s just personal preference so because of the clever bottle I would definitely buy it with a different scent. DO WANT (but for James) VioletLeBeauxDSC_0523_1398 Face Base Primer $11.95 I love this primer. It’s oil free, light and has vitamin E and chamomile. My favorite part is how light it is when applied to the skin, it feels almost like silk. There isn’t any strong smell, so it doesn’t compete with other products either. Best of all it works! I could really tell the difference in longevity when I used it on a daily basis. DO WANT. VioletLeBeauxDSC_0016_1563 Gentle Make Up Remover. $8.95 Love this too, works like a charm. It’s the typical 2 part solution that you shake together to activate and then press on with a cotton pad and smooth away make up. Doesn’t feel sticky, just feels like water. I think it felt a little more harsh than my Neutroena one but still worked well. One plus (in my eyes anyway!) is that when you shake the two solutions together it looks like the bottle has sparkles in it! The only thing I didn’t like was the tiny opening in the bottle top but that’s just personal preference. Big thumbs up on this one. DO WANT. Anti-Ageing Stick Foundation in Outback Ivory. $11.95 I think this is the lightest shade in this range available but it was way too dark and orange for me, then again the “outback” part in the name is probably a giveaway. I’m quite pale with pink undertones so anything even remotely orangey doesn’t look good on my skin. Texture- wise it’s quite thick and heavy so you could get some really heavy duty coverage out of it. I like lighter coverage so I found that using it as a concealer rather than whole foundation was perfect. Covered my dark circles like a dream and then with my lighter foundation over the top it was able to get the right tone. If it came in a shade that matched me a bit better I would buy again for use as a concealer. DO WANT (but not this colour) VioletLeBeauxDSC_0536_1409 Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation in Ivory $15.95 I found this one much more my style foundation- wise. It was nice coverage without being too weighed down at all. Again this is the lightest shade that FOA makes in this product. I thought the colour suited me when I swatched a little of it but when I did a whole face full in the morning I discovered that this too is a bit on the orange side for me, I could probably get away with it but I just didn’t feel like myself. It’s a pity because the texture and everything about it is wonderful! I love the level of coverage, I love how light it feels and I love it has vitamins c and e as well as jojoba. Again if this was in my shade I would definitely look at trying it again. DO WANT (but not this colour)

From left to right, stick foundation, mineral liquid, mineral powder, translucent powder


Rubbed in:

VioletLeBeauxDSC_0008_1555 Mineral Therapy Foundation in Natural Ivory $16.95 Again lots of vitamins and good things in this powder but matching the mineral foundation, it’s just a touch to orange for my skin. Looks fantastic on though because it’s got a pretty intense shimmer to it. Shimmers in foundation are something you either love or hate and while I adore it I know others who will only use this as a highlighter because it’s too intense. The powder itself is very nice and smooth so the only thing preventing me from purchasing is the slight mismatch in colour for my skin. I like the little brush attached to the package as well from a convenience point of view. DO WANT (but not this colour) Translucent Loose Powder in Outback Translucent $11.95 This one I absolutely loved. Perfect colour for me and applies like a dream. It seals in foundation really well and unlike the mineral therapy, it doesn’t have a shimmer to it. This has made it’s way into my every day make up routine and there’s not much of a better endorsement from me! XD A little bit goes a long way and it comes in a nice big jar too so I think it will last forever. DO WANT. VioletLeBeauxDSC_0542_1415 Devine Shine Lip Plumper in Lavish Impact $10.95 The colour of this one is more brown than I’m used to wearing but once on the lips it gave a quite nice natural colour. The texture is nice and fairly standard for a lip gloss and I did experience a small plumping of my lips but nothing too crazy. The thing I couldn’t get past on this was the smell. You can really smell the menthol, cinnamon and ginger. To be honest it smelled like euky bear/vaporub *_* every time I applied it all I could do was thinking of being sick in bed drowning in tissues and Vic’s vaporub. That’s just my weird hang up but it was enough for me to not want to use it regularly XD I think it was a perfectly fine gloss but definitely check in store and smell it before you buy. MEH. VioletLeBeauxDSC_0017_1564 Mineral Lip Shine in Fairy Floss $12.95 I’ve been trying more nude colours lately so this really appealed to me. The colour is a really nice nude with a hint of light pink and shimmer. It looks very natural on and while not particularly pigmented it’s still very pretty. The fact that it’s not very opaque makes it quite a versatile shade in my opinion, I think it could be worn with a variety of colours. Soft and very moisturing, I would definitely look at getting this in lots of different colours. DO WANT. Liquid eyeliner in Black. $8.95 Hands down this is my favorite liquid eyeliner ever. I’ve been allergic to a lot of eyeliners in the past, one particularly bad reaction left me with red liner burns for weeks. This is the first one I’ve tried in years that gave me absolutely no reaction whatsoever. To top it all off the brush is also the easiest I’ve ever used. It is long and thin which makes it really easy to maneuver into both long and thin lines as well as creating really nice side flicks. It lasts fairly well, not quite as long as my Bobbi Brown gel liner but still pretty good. The only places that really wore out during the day were the inner corners of my eyes. This is another product that has made it’s way into my every day basket, I would absolutely replace this once it runs out. DO WANT.

So verdict? While some things didn’t really suit me due to the colours, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t look at again should they come in different colours. The quality was great considering the prices and I am totally looking forward to seeing what comes out from the brand next.

Do you guys have any favorite product/brand which rocks but don’t seem to get much attention?

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