The lovely Celeste asked that I try to come up with a cuter way to store paper towels in the kitchen. Our kitchen is tiny so previously we just kept the paper towel in our cupboard which was kind of annoying to get out every time we used it. I decided to take care of two birds with one stone and have it displayed as well.


What you need:

  • Old knitting needle
  • Suction hook
  • Ribbon/yarn/pompom edging/something pretty to tie it up with
  • Blue tac
  • Pegs

For the string part I used old pom pom edging but you could use a pretty ribbon or anything you like as long as it goes with the colour scheme in your kitchen.

Tie each end of the string to a peg.


Stick the knitting needle through the paper towel roll.


Clip a peg to either side…


Leaving a gap around 3cm from the edge of the paper towel wrap a piece of blue tack around the needle. This is to prevent the peg from getting to close to the towel and stopping it from spinning on the needle.


Put the suction hook up on the wall and hang in place…


I decided to tie the top up a little higher so it looked more interesting. You could also add a big bow or something pretty to cover up the hook depending on your style. So that’s the basic idea, now it’s all about customisation! If I customise mine any more I will definitely post about it 😀


Do you guys have cute kitchen things? I’m slowly adding to my kitchen collection but nice kitchen things can be quite expensive! Haha that’s just another excuse to craft more things myself though 😉


EDIT: As Sefie pointed out in the comments, you should never hang paper towel above gas burners in case they catch fire! I thought I had mentioned it but apparently I didn’t so completely my bad >_< The back two burners on our stove are actually broken and so are never used. There is also a fairly decent gap between the back of the burners and the splashback behind even though the angle of the photo makes it look like there isn’t much. My bad again and please do be careful where you hang this if you decide to make one!!


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