While I was editing this I realised it’s been like a year since I did a make up tutorial video *_* I knew I’d been put it them off being self conscious but I didn’t know it had been that long!!

This tutorial is for the eye make up I was wearing in the wig styling tutorial and review of the Fashion Addict stuff:



It’s a nice look for every day and can be really dressed up of down depending on your outfit.

Anyway here’s the video, I hope it makes sense and you all like it. ^_^

Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any questions!

*Edit* The lovely You’ve Got Nail just pointed out that you can totally see James holding up the light in the mirror behind me the whole time hahaha! Editing fail, apparently I was too focused on getting clear shots of the eyes that I completely missed everything else >_<‘ Ok note to self: next time pay more attention to where he’s standing or buy a better lighting set up XD

Also for future videos, would you prefer super awesome quality with slower load times or lower quality and quicker load times? This is the lower quality version but you can click through to Youtube to watch the HD one atm.

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