Another mini craft, not even a tutorial but a way to save money ^_^ Sometimes outlet stores have sections up the back for damaged stock, the Forever New in the DFO at Southwarf has one of these full of broken jewellery and accessories. I LOVE them because it’s a huge gold mine for awesome stuff at tiny prices.

Last time I was there I picked up these little gloves for $1.95, originally priced at $14.95. Perfect condition but the seam at the thumb had unraveled a little.


Big hole but a tiny problem ^_^VioletLeBeauxDSC_0020_924

Needle and thread to the rescue, 5 minutes of running stitch later and they are all finished!




And here is the other pair of similar gloves I did the same thing with:


All ready for a day at the flower show 😀


Quick craft that saved a bunch of money ^_^

Tomorrow it’s make up tutorial time, hope you’re all looking forward to that!

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