Another one of these crafts that we all do as kids and seem to forget about… Cute egg cosies! Ok personally I think egg cosies are completely pointless other than for decoration in this day and age XD The point is to keep your soft boiled eggs warm until you are ready to eat them but I have never once sat down to eggs and thought “Damn! My egg is so luke warm, if only I had someway to keep it warm… other than eating it straight away”. Of course it could be that if I lived in a colder climate I would think these are the best thing ever invented XD

Either way, they are insanely cute and are actually useful if you plan on taking  hardboiled egg in a lunch box as they add some padding to prevent cracks. I’m planning some patterns for knitted versions as well but in the mean time here is the way I’m pretty sure everyone made them as a child: felt!

Egg Cosy Tutorial8392249430348552813

What you need:

  • Felt in various colours, as I’m making a bunny I went with white and pink for the nose
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of elastic.
  • Egg (for measuring)

Egg Cosy Tutorial6882752192969695480First thing is to measure around your egg to see how much felt you will need. Make sure to leave enough room so that it is easy to slide on and off the egg and still has room for the seam down the back. Also measure how tall you want it, It will need to be tall enough to cover the egg completely as leave room for the gathering at the bottom as well as the ears up the top.Egg Cosy Tutorial6792085191610809262

Once you’ve measured and cut the felt into the correct size rectangle, fold the sides inwards to the middle like so:

Egg Cosy Tutorial7305133852692861281

It’s a bit hard to see in this photo because of the colour of the back ground but the next step is to cut the shape of ears into the top. I started with 2 points and later cut them to be more rounded.

Egg Cosy Tutorial1242899490850280334

Once you unfold, you should have 4 ears up top.

Egg Cosy Tutorial2720868109171109523

Now cut a piece of elastic which can stretch easily to fit around the widest point of the egg…

Egg Cosy Tutorial208413047103048739

And stitch it to the bottom of the felt, leaving a small gap at the bottom for a frill. Make sure that the elastic is stretched out when you sew it and stitch loosely so you don’t restrict it otherwise you’ll find it hard to get the egg in!

Egg Cosy Tutorial2925180223029891282

From the front it looks like this….

Egg Cosy Tutorial8028374943633534137

Now fold it all in half with the seam at one side…

Egg Cosy Tutorial6584468593893108451

… and stitch up using a blanket stitch.

Egg Cosy Tutorial415688048742598698

Once you flatten it out it should look something like the picture below. This was the point that I decided to round out my ears a bit.

Egg Cosy Tutorial3441044786796237653

The next step is to stitch around the tops of the ears in the same blanket stitch.

Egg Cosy Tutorial2729976096388673345

After that’s done it’s just a matter of cutting out a little nose…

Egg Cosy Tutorial2195453554968121697

And stitching on it’s face!

Egg Cosy Tutorial1626949845217059281

Pop and egg in and he’s finished! Ready to keep your egg toasty warm or safe in your lunch box.

Egg Cosy Tutorial750377520650472723

The pattern itself is very easy to change into any shape you like because really it’s just a rectangle of felt XD These kinds of projects also make nice customisable quick presents for people that have everything especially because you can personalise it so much. Try stitching on their name of using their favorite animal ^_^

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