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I’ve been chatting with the lovely David from Fashion Addict for a while on Twitter so when he offered to send me some pieces to review I was beyond excited. I pointed out a couple of things on the site that I liked and the second he mentioned “tiaras and wigs” I was pretty much jumping around in my chair XD

Fashion Addict is basically an online store selling fashion accessories and cosmetics here in Aus. They DO ship overseas and they stock BYS nail polishes and cosmetics which are a favorite of mine. For a long time overseas readers weren’t able to get BYS because of strict shipping laws here but now Fashion Addict has clearance to ship polishes overseas so yay that!

On to the review!

Fashion Addict Review

ShippingAbove is the contents of the package that arrived in my letterbox. Everything was shipped express so took maybe 2 days to arrive. It was packed into a big cardboard box with crumpled paper wrapping protecting everything from being squished. Even though Aus Post manhandled the box and dented one of the corners severely everything inside was perfectly safe. Pretty good considering the fragile things like sunglasses. The hair ties were held in small plastic zip lock bags and all of the jewellery came in the little velvet bags shown below.Very happy with the shipping side of things and the service via Twitter.

Fashion Addict Review

I’ll go through some of the smaller items individually first and then there are a *lot* of photos of me wearing it all and information about the wigs below that.

Ok wig time!! This was the part of the order I was most excited about so we’ll start there! James got a lot of new photography equipment and he wanted to test it out so you’ll have to put up with a lot of photos of my modeling the accessories and looking like a tool 😉

Product: Chocolate Brown Wig (Wavy) $39.95


The packaging was the same for both wigs and it was reasonable. Both were in plastic boxes with hairnets. They both required styling before worn. When brushed through there was a bit of hair loss, more than my Bodyline hair pieces but not enough to be concerning.

This wig is a dark brown with chestnut highlights. It has a side parting fringe which could easily be trimmed into a straight one. The waves were easy to shape and look quite natural to me. There is a little bit of shine but I don’t think it’s more than you would expect from clean healthy hair.

I’ve worn this one out on a hot day and it wasn’t unpleasant. I think while it’s obviously not as good as the higher quality expensive wigs this is a good level to start at if you’re just getting into them like I am.

Fashion Addict Review

This wig has no real parting and no scalp piece..

Fashion Addict Review

The back when roughly parted is below. You can see a little of my pink hair peaking out at the top but I remedied that with a little teasing and styling of the top section.


The back when it’s all brushed through…


Product: Blonde Wig (Extra Long) $39.95


When I pulled this one out of the box I didn’t like it as first, the colours are very varied so I didn’t think it would suit me. I also looked a bit messy before I gave it a good styling with a brush. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about this is what it looked like when it came out of the box first…


After brushing it looked a lot nicer and more natural…


From the side…


Again this one had a very light shine to to but not unnaturally so. These photos are fairly accurate in showing the quality.

The back when it’s roughly parted…


You can really see how layered the cut of this one is here. The back when it’s brushed back…


This one did come with a scalp section and a zigzag part…


While the quality of this was the same as the chocolate one I couldn’t get excited about the cut at all because I don’t think it suits my face shape. That said the colour really grew on me after a while! The box showed this wig as having a straight cut fringe but it was too long for me so I swept it to the side rather than trimming. Eventually I will probably give it a little trim.


I really liked how easy the colour was to co-ordinate.


Even better, I managed to style it into a gigantic hime wig in about 20 minutes so I was VERY happy with that! I’ll post a tutorial on how I did it tomorrow 😀


Another picture it after I styled it:


So the verdict on the wigs? I really liked both of them in the end! The quality is very reasonable for the price and they were easy to style. The colours were natural and they both had highlights and lowlights to look more natural. I would most definitely like to try more wigs in this series and I think this is going to be the start of a serious wig addiction for me XD

Now on to the accessories!!

Product: Cubic Zirconia Heart Studs $6.95 per pair

Thoughts: Very cute, these are big enough to pack a very sparkly punch without being over the top. The colours are very true to that on the site and at $6.95 a pair they are a great basic to add to an outfit. The metal is fairly standard for these kind of earrings, I don’t suggest buying if you have any metal allergies as after a couple of wears I noticed a little discoloration on the posts. Still I love them because they go with pretty much anything and there are a lot of colours available.

Product: Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings (10mm Silver) $4.95

Thoughts: These are MASSIVE. Seriously they are huge. I was worried they would be too heavy to wear but I didn’t really notice them on because they are surprisingly light. Again, same issue with the posts discolouring so no good if you have metal allergies but otherwise for $4.95 you really can’t go wrong. From the side these look a lot taller than the gem actually is because the metal fixing they’re in is 1 or 2 mm longer than the gem itself. You can’t see that when they’re worn though. I am a big lover of large shiny studs so these are totally on my must have list.

Fashion Addict Review

Product: Flower Bobby Pins 3 pack $7.95

Thoughts: I was surprised how sturdy these were, most of the hair pins of these style that I’ve seen have been a bit flimsy but these ones are really solid metal. Very pretty and as they’re silver they would go with most colours of hair. I especially like the pearl with the painted rose on it 😀

Fashion Addict Review

Product: Rose Bobby Pins (Fuschia Tipped) $3.95

You’ve probably seen me wearing a light pink version of these flowers in my hair before. I bought them years ago and they have been worn and loved to death! I was really excited when I saw these ones in the store in several colours because now I can get a bunch of them 😀 I’ve been wearing my previous set for around 4 years so they are definitely durable and at $3.95 per pair they’re cheap enough to be able to buy several sets and go crazy. LOVE these.

Fashion Addict Review

Being worn with the blonde wig:


Product: White Rose Ring $6.95

Thoughts: This is a plastic flower ring with lots of potential. Obviously it would look cute with a lot of outfits as-is but I could also totally see myself deco-ing it or even adding a diamante to the middle. The ring part is also made of the cream plastic so it’s not adjustable but it fit comfortably on my thumb. It’s a fairly big fit but if you were worried about the sizing then you could always add one of those clear ring resizing bands.

Fashion Addict Review

Product: Blue Heart Ring $4.95

Thoughts: The first thing that I thought when I found this on the site was that it looks just the right shape to turn into one of those conversation hearts 😀 They come in a bunch of really nice pastel colours and I think it would work very well in a Fairy-Kei outfit especially if you piled one of every colour on! The band of this one is metal and adjustable, it’s quite large so even on the smallest setting it was too big for me, that was very easily fixed with a pair of pliers though 😀

Fashion Addict Review


Product: Fuschia Bracelet (Rectangular Stones) $7.95

Thoughts: Love my bling and therefore love this 😀 It’s much lighter than I expected but when actually looking there isn’t much metal in it and the gems are plastic so it makes sense. The only thing I’m worried about is the silver scratching off the back of the gems as they are unprotected. It’s on a stretchy band so very easy to get on and off and it packs a hell of a punch when you get it into the sun, very sparkly and eye catching!

Fashion Addict Review

Being worn…


Product: Silver and Clear Gem Heart Locket $9.95

Thoughts: Generally I’m not a fan of oversized necklaces but I really grew to love this one after wearing it for a few hours. When I saw it on the site I was expecting a small locket but it’s actually around 10cm from top to bottom, so funny how that can happen with pictures XD My main complaint with oversided necklaces is that they feel like they weigh my neck down, as this one is made of really light metal it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It’s lighter than a lot of my short necklaces XD It’s on a very long chain which would be easily strong enough to add some other charms on too. I absolutely love the filigree which has been stamped into the metal!

Fashion Addict Review

The inside:

Fashion Addict Review

So you can see the size:



Large Silver Tiara #2 (Diamantes) $14.95

Thoughts: Now this is one of the things I’d been waiting for! Every girl needs a gigantic sparkly tiara and this one has a heart design! What more could a girl ask for? It’s got long combs in the back to secure it to hair and the band is quite flexible so it grips well. The design itself I think is completely adorable and I think I’m going to need more fancy occasions to wear something this sparkly!


To get an idea for size…


And just because hell yeah I’m going to camwhore if I have a tiara damn it! 😉



Black Sunglasses (Round beige arms) $9.95

Thoughts: I was definitely not expecting this many pairs of sunglasses to come my way XD I’ll talk about the basic quality here so I don’t repeat myself, it’s basically the same for each design. Each is made of decent quality plastic/metal with reasonably thick lenses. The amount of sun they actually block out varies but the FA website gives the mandatory rating for each and states whether they have UV protection or not. I accidentally stepped on one of the pairs yesterday and it didn’t break so I’m giving it a thumbs up for durability haha! For $9.95 they’re very good value.


This pair is my favorite of the 4 because they are the darkest, it’s the kind of design you could throw on when you’re having a crappy make up day and no one would be the wiser. Definitely movie star glasses!

Fashion Addict Review


Brown Sunglasses (round) $9.95

Thoughts: I like the tortoise shell design of the frames in these as well as the shape. The lenses are tinted orangish so it makes everything look like it’s sunset. I like sunset and found it a bit soothing but if you’re not a fan then these might not be for you.


I’m ready for my close up etc…


Product: Cream Oversized Sunglasses $9.95

Thoughts: While being the same quality and everything as the rest of the glasses, I wasn’t a big fan of the design of these ones. There’s nothing I specifically disliked and I think they would look good on someone else, just not for me 🙂


Product: Black Sunglasses (with pink/purple) $9.95

Thoughts: Another pair with tinted lenses though these have a purple tint to match the colour of the sides. I like the shape and the design and the colour seems like it would go with a lot of my outfits.


PHEW! That was a long review!

So what’s the verdict? A resounding thumbs up. I was very happy with both the quality and the prices at Fashion Addict. There are so many items on the site in different styles that you could probably find something to suit most tastes. Definitely worth a look for the cosmetics too! DO WANT.

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