Now that it’s getting chilly again here, last week I decided to get out the big fluffy jacket that I customised last year. We don’t have a huge amount of space so it had been squished up the back of my closet during the Summer and really needed some TLC! After giving it a thorough hand wash and leaving it to dry completely as I had suspected the faux fur became matted and pretty gross so I set about cleaning it up and getting it back to it’s former glory ^_^

You can see it just after drying on the left and after I finished fixing it on the right:

Winter Coat Maintenance

And again left-bad, right-good.Winter Coat Maintenance

The first thing I did was sprinkle a little rose scented talcum powder (or whatever the version is that doesn’t contain actual talcum etc) through the strands of faux fur. This helped to loosen the hairs up and prevent them from getting caught on each other.

Winter Coat Maintenance

After making sure the powder had gotten through evenly I used my hair brush (which has short nylon bristles) to gently separate the strands. To begin with I brushed in the same direction as the pile but this didn’t catch the smaller pieces of hair so I found that making small circular motions provided the best result.

As faux fur is essentially plastic how well it can handle brushing will depend on the quality it is, think of it as being the difference between brushing a really cheap shiny wig and one made from nicer matt fibres.

Winter Coat Maintenance

A close up of after:

Winter Coat Maintenance

Good as new! I generally try to give the pile a going over with the brush once a week because faux fur has a tendency to leave little hairs everywhere no matter how careful you are or how any washes it’s been through. You can see how much of the pile came out in the brush, I don’t want to be breathing that in every time I put on the jacket *_*

Winter Coat Maintenance

I’ve never lived somewhere cold enough that I needed to do stuff like this, do you guys have seasonal rituals like changing the clothes in your closet? *winter noob* hahaha!

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