Evening all!

Just a quick note to say that I will be moving servers tonight so if there are any hiccups with the site that’s the reason. Most likely you shouldn’t notice any difference other than a couple of broken links but just wanted to keep everyone up to date ^_^

This should clear up the issues the site has been having lately  and make everything faster (hurray!) and I will have a lot more room to play around with extra features. If all goes well I’ll be able to start having things like downloadable patterns for crafts and all the other plans I’ve had on the backburner due to space/load issues 😀

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and see you on the other side!

<3 Violet



The move is over now yay! I will be testing and making improvements over the weekend so stay tuned for that. My email went down briefly over night but it’s back now so if you tried to get in contact with me it’s back now!

If you left a comment here in the last 12 hours it will have disappeared because of the move but I will be copy-pasting them individually when I get home this afternoon so it’s all good.

It’s James’ birthday today so we’ve got lots of fun things planned including a very large cake 😀

Thanks for your patience!

<3 Violet



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