Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

Brand: Estée Lauder

Colour/Shade Name: Bought 4 years ago but on the website the closest I can match it to is the Signature lipstick in Terracotta.

Opacity: Very high.

Packaging: Standard classic Estee Lauder style, a little over the top but that’s probably just my opinion because I’m not a fan of gold, it doesn’t go with anything I own.

Price: Probably ridiculously high in Aus. I think I paid around $38 for it, the Aus website has most of the lipsticks at $40+ now. As per usual you can get them online and overseas for much much much less. (edit- James is convinced that this originally cost $60 but I can’t imagine paying that much so I remain unconvinced!!)

Estee Lauder Lipstick ReviewThis was the first non-cheap-crappy lipstick I ever bought, in fact I didn’t even buy it now that I remember, James bought it as a present when we were out shopping one day XDThe texture is absolutely lovely, not as buttery as the pure gloss lipstick that I have also from estee lauder but still really nice none the less. It is a really pure red and is reasonably versatile in that it can be worn just dotted lightly on the lips or completely coated for a bold look. I love the glossy finish on it and it feels quite moisturising on.

Bare lips:

Blank Lips

One coat:

Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

The only major problem that I have with this lipstick is that it has a serious tendency to migrate… like really badly even if you’ve done everything right. Primer, lip liner etc does nothing. This is not one of those kiss-your-boyfriend-drink-from-a-cup-no-marks lipstick commercials XD It’s really pigmented too so once you’ve gotten it on something it can be hard to get out without staining, white shirts beware!

VERDICT: Great colour, the price and migration do kind of suck though. Probably wouldn’t purchase again but certainly wouldn’t throw it out. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.