Awhile ago I posted a photo of an awesome hair style on my Cuties blog. The style had a bunch of diamantes on the side and there was discussion in the comments about how to do it. Puregirlblue remembered that she had some with velcro on the back so I figured why not make some with pearls and some other things!

This is probably the best photo I got of the pearls, I wore them to the Illamasqua counter opening.


Not really a tutorial because it’s a very simple concept.

Hair Pearls Tutorial

Take the scratchy side of some velcro…

Hair Pearls Tutorial

Cut it up

Hair Pearls Tutorial

And glue it to the back of whatever you want to attach to your hair.

Hair Pearls Tutorial

I did some ribbon flowers, stars and pearls.

Hair Pearls Tutorial

Everything worked really well except the pearls because I didn’t think about the weight while I was doing it. I used glass pearls because that’s what I had on hand but they are way too heavy to be held in with jut the velco so as a quick fix I ended up using some eyelash glue to keep them in my hair on the night and using make up remover to take them out after. Like Aurorahime suggested putting real/glass pearls on the little  metal spirals to either lock them in or just use this technique with regular cheap plastic pearls, that works awesomely!

Just like SheFallsSoftly mentioned you really can do this with anything so next time your hair needs some extra bling this is something to think about 😀

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