Short tutorial on chocolate dipped nail art made for my blog. I have done this design for several occasions and it’s always a bit hit.

To answer the most asked question: yes the brown polish dries quickly but it does depend on the formula. It works the best if you use a quick dry formula. Also the polish used in this clip is a fairly transparent black/brown even though it is named “Black Out”.

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Chocolate dipped macaron nail art tutorial.
What you need:
base colour polish (light purple), white polish, dark brown polish, pink polish, clear polish, thin nail art brush, orange stick.
First thing is to clean and prep your nails.
If you use a base coat, apply this now.
Lay down a base coat of colour.
I used two coats for an even finish.
Load up a regular brush with the dark brown.
Make sure you get lots on the brush so it’s a bit drippy.
Use the brush to deposit a drop of polish half way down the nail and with less pressure, slowly drag to the tip.
Repeat with a few mm gap between the drops.
Then add a smaller one between them to join.
Keep adding dribbles until the nail is covered.
You need to use a decent amount of polish or you won’t get the drippy effect.
Now let’s draw on a macaron.
Load up the thin brush with white.
And draw a thin line of dots for the filling.
Load your brush with pink.
Draw a line of pink the same width as the filling above it.
Add a dome for the top.
Repeat under the filling too.
Once the polish is tacky, use an orange stick to make pock marks along the lid areas of the maracon.
Clear coat the whole thing and you’re all done.
I hope you found the tutorial useful.
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Thanks for watching.

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