Firstly! As a lot of you probably know Queensland was recently flooded quite badly. That’s where I used to live before I moved down here to Melbourne. Nuffnang put together a charity auction to raise money for the victims and my donation was 4 sets of my nails. Currently the bidding is up to $20 for the package so please do go have a look because it’s a good cause and a huge bargain right now!!

Click here to visit the auction!

When I was a kid I pretty much lived in baseball caps and after looking through waaay too many gyaru photo dumps on Tumblr they started to grow on me again. Very practical for both Summer and covering dark roots 😉 After spying this one at a tourist store for $6 I set about making it much more “me”. Now it’s become know as my “I’m-busy-working-and-if-you-interrupt-me-right-now-and-I-lose-my-train-of-thought-I-will-beat-you-to-death-with-this-hat”… hatwork hat because I wear it when I’m writing important emails XD

Decorated Cap Tutorial

I wanted to make it match the shoes I decorated way back here so I pulled out all my supplies again ^_^