The first time I bought BYS shimmer powder I was 13 years old and I didn’t buy it for make up… I bought it to use in art pieces XD Then when I started getting into make up I used the rest of the jar I had bought at 13 because as it turns out… its fricking awesome. So I spent years looking for it again with no luck until about a month ago when I found a whole new range of them at a junk store stand!

Brand: BYS

Product: Shimmer Powder

Price: $2.99

Available from: Places that stock BYS (usually junk stores)

BYS Shimmer Dust Review

They come is maybe 6-7 different colours, I bought pink and purple to start with. Previously the bottles had screw caps but in the new versions they have a twist top with little shaker holes. This is ok but it makes application more annoying. Previously you could just dip a cotton bud in and apply now you need to shake onto something then use the cotton bud to apply, it’s a little wasteful.

This is what it looks like straight out of the jar:

BYS Shimmer Dust Review

And rubbed in:

BYS Shimmer Dust Review

The photos really don’t do justice to the truly awesome amount of shimmer at these babies give so here’s a short video!

Verdict: Super shimmery, lovely colours, blends very well and nice and cheap. DO WANT. Tempted to buy like 10 jars of each colour in case they stop making them again *_*

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