Lots of outfits today because I figure you’ll all be off making your preparations for New Years parties and the like!


Shirt- Savers

Skirt- Angelic Pretty

Stockings- Myer (dyed pink by my washing machine)

Hair flower- Gift

Shoes- Bodyline

This was way back from the day that I bought the shirt I’m wearing above hahaha!


I like this photos because I look so tall XD I’m only 151cm tall so I’ll take what I can get!

Shirt- SES

Dress- Valley Girl

Jeans- Ally? I think?

I’ve been continuing my love affair with leopard print lately ^_^ I really want some more leopard print stockings


I’ve been playing around with make up too, trying out different pinks…


And also a lot of lighter highlighting. I haven’t been wearing false lashes as much as my eyes have been quite irritated so I’ve been working around that too.


I think this outfit was for a day of business meetings ^_^


Shirt- Target I think..

Skirt- Savers

Scarf- Some place in Singapore

Hair bow- Gift

I wore this outfit for lunch with the MBBE girls!


Skirt- Valley Girl

Dress- Valley Girl

Cardigan- Ice

Pin- Amaranth Opulent

Usamimi- Some junk store

Bonus pic!

This is one of the many reasons I always have a scarf attached to my bag… it’s good for rain protection! Caught in a sudden storm with no umbrella? Throw it on like a 50’s movie star and you’re good to go XD I have an obsession with nice scarves and I managed to find a fantastic store that sells lovely gigantic ones for $5 recently, very excited!

This is me doing my best Chuck impression from Pushing Daisies in a sudden storm ;P