This morning I drew the winner of the One Day in Paradisecompetition and the lucky comment number waaaaaas:

Number 1! Hahaha in this case it really did turn out to be first in best dressed XD

Jessica from You have won yourself a $100 gift voucher!


Thank you so much to everyone who commented and entered the competition! I really appreciate all the support that you guys give and I’m so happy to be able to give something back 😀 I will be replying to everyone’s lovely comments this week and fingers crossed this will be just the start of the competitions open to international readers ^_^

Thank you for reading! <3

*Edit* As was luckily pointed out by Aimiya in the comments, there has been some confusion in the ordering of the comments. When I counted the entries and picked the winner, I went to the bottom of the post and counted the comments from there down, then paged backwards until reaching the end. I made the mistake of assuming they were in chronological order in the same way as my old theme. I was completely wrong and so while Jessica’s comment appeared as #1, it was not actually the first comment posted chronologically. That comment belonged to Mai from No one’s fault but mine, I should have been more vigilant in checking the dates of the comments and I completely apologise for that. To resolve the situation fairly I have decided to give both girls the voucher prize, one donated from One Day in Paradise and one out of my own pocket. That seems like the only right thing to do. Again sorry everyone for the confusion and thank you to all of you that entered and commented! */Edit*

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