Next on the list of BB Cream review pile is Pure Blossom Shimmering from The Face Shop.

Before I get into the review, a lot of people asked what BB Cream actually was last time. Well basically it’s cream that has been very popular in Asian countries for a while now which is generally worn underneath (or instead of) foundation. It’s supposed to be miracle cream because it evens out skin tone like a foundation but also usually has ingredients that are supposed to make your skin better and actually improve over time. This is of course debatable and results differ for everyone. The other difference to foundation (again this is debatable) is that it’s not sold in shades, the ingredients *aparently* change colour to suit your skin colour creating flawlessness no matter what tone you are.

I find that last bit to be a stretch, and while a lot of the BB Creams that suit me also suit much darker tones on my friends it’s certainly not fool proof or magic, lots of them are still too dark or too grey for me so I always suggest sampling before you buy. Personally after a year of using various creams I haven’t seen any change in my skin tone of texture but some girls swear by it. I like to use it by itself on days that I want something light and casual or under foundation as a way to keep moisturised and create absolutely flawless skin and protect from the sun (most of them have SPF ratings).

So on to the review!

Pure Blossom Shimmering

Available from: The Face Shop (I couldn’t find it on the website though, I bought mine around 8 months ago)

Price: AU$25-ish from what I remember

Supposed Benefits:

  • Shimmery effect
  • SPF 15

BB Cream Review- The Face Shop

When I bought this is was the cheapest of the ones offered at The Face Shop and the only one light enough for me, I think they rotate their ranges quite often though and stock depends on the shop. I bought it out at Eastlands and haven’t seen it in the city store.

BB Cream Review- The Face Shop

The texture is very light, wet and creamy. It takes a little while to dry and is fine to be applied with fingers or sponges (for better coverage). I found it was a bit wet to apply with a brush but that was just personal preference. It feels more like moisturiser than foundation on.

Plain skin:

BB Cream Review- The Face Shop

As you can see from the photo below it only offers light coverage, not enough to get rid of freckles but enough to make a difference. The slight shimmer gives a really dewy effect rather than just being shiny which I love! Until very recently when I started testing others I’ve been wearing this cream almost every day since I got it and the tube is still about half full, to me that’s pretty good value.

The packaging is ok, better than a bottle because you can be precise about how much to get out but I still prefer pumps. Pretty none the less ^_^

With a layer of the cream applied very hastily with fingers (sponge looks nicer with better coverage):

BB Cream Review- The Face Shop

VERDICT: Decent price, good if you’re looking for light coverage. Shimmer doesn’t look over the top even in the sun. Takes a while to dry which can be annoying but other than that pretty good. Suits light skin tones. DO WANT.

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