This is the foundation I was telling you all about last week ^_^ After trying it out at the Illamasqua counter launch I went back later in the week to call in an early Christmas present and pick it up XD

Brand: Illamasqua

Price: AU$55

Shade: RF115

Type: Rich Liquid

Ilamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Review

This foundation really impressed me, not only because it matches my skin like a treat but it also lasts really well through the day. I can put this on in the morning and come home with flawless skin so plus one for that! ^_^ It actually reminded me a lot of a slightly toned down version of the make up we used to use when I worked in theatre years ago.

Price-wise this is on the expensive side of things but if you have hard to match skin like me you would probably buy it anyway XDI had to shake it quite hard to mix it up when I first got it as it had separated slightly. You only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face  so I would estimate using it every day the bottle would probably last me about 6 months. It did take a little practice to get a completely smooth even finish but I think that was more to do with me learning/improving my technique when applying with a brush more than it being difficult to work with. Fingers or sponges don’t work so well but brush application is brilliant. I would definitely suggest applying a good moisturiser underneath as I found it a little drying without but other than that I had no problems at all.  After applying it dries very smooth and with a sort of light almost powdery finish. It didn’t feel like I was wearing anything other than moisturiser.The coverage is very good, it covered my freckles with very little effort and I imagine if you wanted something with super coverage you could build on it a little more to achieve this.

Naked skin:

Ilamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Review

With nothing other than the foundation:


James’ camera actually had trouble focusing on my skin because it was so smooth XD That’s probably the best recommendation I can give hahaha!

VERDICT: Price is what you would expect from a department store brand, takes a little skill to use but the results are most definitely worth the effort. Really good range of colours especially for those of us who are quite pale. I will be repurchasing when mine finally runs out. DO WANT.

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