Lots of things to talk about today so I’ll jump right into it…


On Friday my Gmail account was hacked. The person that did it sent out a spam email to everyone on my lists pretending to be me and trying to get people to sign up to some site and buy a cheap Mac Book Pro. THAT WAS NOT ME. The hacker deleted my last 2 month’s worth of emails and then deleted my entire contacts list so I couldn’t warn anyone that it wasn’t me 🙁

If you received that email please don’t click the link in it. From what I can tell it’s just a phishing scam trying to get you to enter your details into it. However if you did get that email it would probably be a very good idea to run a virus scanning program just in case.

So in light of that and in light of Gmail being completely useless in helping sort it out I am switching to my self hosted account. From now on if you need to contact me please use:

Violet AT violetlebeaux DOT com

I will be disabling the contact form for a couple of days until I can get everything under control again. Thanks for your patience!


It’s been a while since I’ve done a poll to get your ideas and opinions on how the site is progressing so if you would like to give your opinion about what you love/hate I would be really happy if you could fill in the survey here:

What do you want more of?


Craft tutorials!

Any kind of tutorial!

All of them!

Other (please comment)

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What do you think of the layout?

I love it!

It’s ok but it takes too long to load!

It’s kind of dated, time for something new…

I hate it!

Don’t care either way as long as the content is good!

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I am thinking it would be really cool to put together some kind a gigantic list ordered by genre of Australian blogs. I know there are lots of lists out there already but most of the ones I’ve seen either aren’t maintained or are not divided into categories/genres. If you have an Australian blog that you would like me to include on my list I would love to hear from you! Just pop your details in this form here:


Fourthly… these are no longer real words but I’m going to keep going with the theme 😉

I want to say thank you so much for everyone that has voted for my car design in the Barina Spark competition!! I couldn’t believe it when I woke up today, my design is currently placed #229th!!! That’s down from being #2500 when I submitted it! Thank you and massive hugs if you voted!


This one isn’t such a nice one. Over the next week I’m going to be implementing a little reminder for first time visitors to the site but I want to make it perfectly clear that it is NOT ok to steal my images and claim them as your own. It is NOT ok to repost my blog posts without my written permission. It is NOT ok to submit my posts or photos to certain sites that promise things like iPads and LV bags if you post on them often (I want an ipad too ok and seeing as I did the hard work writing the post it’s a pretty crappy thing to do!). It is NOT ok to take a tutorial I’ve made here and use it for your commercial gain. I write these tutorials to encourage people to be more creative, using my hard work for your own financial gain and not even offering me a cut is really sucky! Everything on this website is for NON-COMMERCIAL use only! I swear this is all just basic courtesy but that seems to be in short supply lately >_<


I don’t normally do this but as a small thank you for being so wonderful to me I thought you might be interested in some of the upcoming posts I’ve been planning ^_^

  • Photos from the Nuffnang Christmas Party
  • Photos from the Bobbi Brown counter opening and review of the products
  • Tutorial- DIY easy cute Christmas cards
  • Tutorial- DIY shoe clips
  • Tutorial- 3 things I did with the pink extensions I bought from Bodyline
  • Tutorial- Prettying up a folding fan for Summer
  • Photos of all the embroidery I’ve been doing
  • More Nuffnang competitions
  • Tutorial- the hair style from the Nuffnang Xmas Party
  • Review- Amarath Opulent jewellery
  • Review- Various BB creams
  • Tutorial- Making sweater clippies
  • Tutorial- Nail art designs that are cute but work appropriate
  • Tutorial- How to cuten up ugly green eco bags
  • Tutorial- Making your own lip gloss
  • Q&A about blogging in general (if you want to submit a question click here)
  • … and lots more ^_^

If you have any suggestions for the site or would like to suggest a tutorial I would love to hear from you! Either leave me a comment or if you would like to talk privately feel free to email me at the new address 🙂

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