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I am all kinds of not a car person. Other than getting me from point A to point B via shopping at point C I couldn’t care how many horses were squished into the engine to make it go so fast.

James loves cars. Well not all cars, he loves classic (pre 1974) muscle cars. He used to spend hours telling me all about his 1963 Valiant with a bored out slant 6 engine with triple SU carburetors, racing needles and a torque flight transmission. Unfortunately  my mind tends to play this when ever he starts:

That’s why when Nuffnang approached me about doing this post about a new Holden Barina Spark my mind started playing a nice happy version of the “I Dream of Jeannie” song. I feel a little bit bad for Lynda for that phone call because I’m sure there was a long awkward silence as I day dreamed between the word “car” and “design your own” (which is what eventually snapped me out of it) XD

So as I eventually understood, this competition isn’t so much about cars as it is about creativity! I like being creative 😀


The idea behind the new competition that Holden is holding is that you get to personally design your own Barina Spark however you want and then if yours is voted to the top (via Facebook, Twitter etc) you win a Barina Spark!

Now that’s the kind of thing that I can get on board with, I don’t even have my driver’s licence but I want my own VioletMobile! XD

So want to see what I came up with?


I went through a whole lot of design ideas before I finally settled on one. I wanted to incorporate everything I loved and what this blog is all about! I wanted it to leave a trail of sparkles every time it drove somewhere screaming “VIIIIIIIIIIIIOLET” XD But you know, apparently sparkles are not road legal so I settled with it just looking awesome!

I downloaded the Photoshop template and started playing around with it…


This is the design I decided on after much contemplation:


You have to make a cute little wall for your car to be displayed with too so I made this:


The next step was to upload it all to the site! If you don’t want to use Photoshop you can build your design on the site using their tools too.


Next you make the wall thingy and submit it all!


So this is my finished design! I called it the “Wheels of an Ingenue” mwahahahahaha get it??

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 4.35.10 PM

Stripes, flowers, pearls and my monogram on top… you know so all my rich friends with helicopters will know it’s me XD

Very me right?

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 4.36.47 PM

If I had a Barina Spark like this I would totally learn to drive mwahahaha XD

So if you enter the competition on you can win a Barina Spark but you can also win prizes like these just by voting:

  • Myer vouchers
  • iPads
  • Goldwell Hair Products
  • subscriptions to Harper’s Bazaar and Cleo
  • Kit Cosmetics Packs
  • Terry Biviano Vouchers

If you want to vote for me just click my design below to be taken to the page or go make your own! If I win I am so going to have to actually decorate it like this!!


I would love to see how creative you guys get so leave me your url in the comments if you enter so I can go look ^_^

So what do you all think of my big pink frilly Barina Spark? James says that if I win he refuses to drive in it because it’s too un-manly so I’m going to actually have to learn XD

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