Dry shampoo is kind of a foreign concept for me. I tend to use talcum powder on my fringe/roots if they’re dirty between washes because it’s cheap, it works well and it smells lovely (mine is scented like roses). I thought this would be quite fun to try when I got it in my MBBE bags 😀


So the idea is that when your hair is dirty between washes and you don’t have time to wash it…Spray this in…

Cedel Dry Shampoo Review

Leave it for a couple of minutes… brush it out… and enjoy clean hair!

Cedel Dry Shampoo Review

Spraying it in was very chilly so I think it would be quite nice in Summer! It felt like powder once it was in and then after brushing out it did make a difference. I liked that the smell wasn’t over powering but unfortunately it wasn’t overly nice either.

The feeling after brushing was definitely an improvement but not really what I wold call clean either.

The price online is around $6 which is more expensive than talcum powder but I think it would be totally worth it from a convenience point of view to keep at work or to take with you traveling overseas. So far I’ve gotten 4 uses our of it and I think I’ve used around 1/4 of it (roughly judging by how full it feels).

Cedel Dry Shampoo Review

VERDICT: Good for traveling, does it’s job but definitely not a replacement for washing your hair! DO WANT (but probably only if I was traveling)