I don’t usually like brown tones… in anything. It just never appealed to me so I was kind of meh when I saw the Maybelline palette that came in the MBBE bags:


It was very… brown. I’ve never really tried brown tones because I didn’t think they suited my skin at all but these colours were so sparkly that I decided to give it a go for once!

This was the result:

Maybelline Eye Studio Review

Here I am wearing each of the colours in the palette with some dark brown eyeliner and mascara:

Maybelline Eye Studio Review

You know what… I actually really liked it! I think the reason is that they are all a little sparkly and more metallic than your usual browns. With the dark brown liner it reminds me a lot of a 60’s look ^_^

Maybelline Eye Studio Review

As for the quality, it went on very smoothly, stayed on pretty much all day and blended awesomely. I don’t think you can really ask for much more than that from eye shadow!! The colours were super complimentary and I would love to see some of the other colours from this line.

At AU$16.95 the price is about what I would expect from a “drug store brand” here.

Maybelline Eye Studio Review

VERDICT: Quality is really good, price is good, overall… really good! DO WANT

Bonus shot: I bought myself half a wheel of brie as a treat! WIN !! Oh yes of course I would use it as a gigantic smiley mouth! 😀

Maybelline Eye Studio Review

So what do you think? Browns yay or nay?

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