My background in design means I tend to notice the little things. Little things like packaging and the way products are presented. Sure just having a product that is presented poorly probably won’t stop be buying it if I really want it but I think that brands who over look nice packaging really miss out on a selling point because if a package is nice enough I find ways to reuse them and thus have their brand in my house and mind for longer.

With the abundance of products in the goodie bags from MBBE it was quite hard to try and pick something to start off and try (I know my life is so hard right hahaha:P) but something caught my eye…


MOR Emporium Lychee Flower Body Butter. *Beautifully* packaged. So much so that I pried off the little plastic seal as a keep sake and kept the box for trinkets 😀 Tick number 1!


So on to the actual body butter! Comes in a large round black plastic container and retails for $29.95.

Texture-wise this body butter is fairly thick and a little on the waxy side, it felt very luxurious going on but I don’t think it’s slippery enough to give massages with which is what I mostly use my body butters for. Value-wise I thought the size:price ratio was about average for a product of this quality.

The biggest point: I cannot describe to you how good this smells, there are simply no words. I seriously wish I could invent smell-o-vision blog posts for this because it is the best thing I have ever smelt in my life. It’s really fruity and sweet and… good. My bad descriptions are why I am no good at wine tastings XD

Verdict: Thick texture, FANTASTIC smell, reasonable price. DO WANT.

So MOR were lovely enough so send me out one of their little gift sets. This one is also lychee flower fragrance and contains a perfume oil and a soapette. It retails for AU$19.95. Details here.

Mor Product Reviews

Again super props for the packaging. Everything about MOR screams decadence at an affordable price to me. I swear when they created this all, they had me in mind XD I’m so imagining the conversation… “Ok so Violet likes pink packaging… check! Reusable tins… check! Pretty vintage floral designs… check! Attention to details… check! etc etc etc”

Anyway…. let’s start with the soap. Packaging is a reusable tin which I now store my bobby pins in 😀 The soap again has that same delicious smell. I found the smell to be quite strong (in a good way) when it was in the tin but then once I got it into the shower it was more subtle. It felt lovely and buttery on but did still leave that icky soap feeling which I’m not a fan of, the feeling only lasted until I got out of the shower though.

Mor Product Reviews

The perfume oil is I think my favorite of all the products I tried. Again, has a super cute re-usable package which I’m thinking might live in my handbag to keep bobby pins or lipstick in. Glides on smoothly and has just enough scent to be enjoyable without being overpowering. It’s the kind of scent that is pleasant but the guy at the other end of the train carriage isn’t going to get a wiff of XD

I’ve worn it several times now and almost every time it’s gotten a compliment 😀

Mor Product Reviews

VERDICT: For the set I think the value is very good, I probably would have bought the soap tin even if it didn’t come with the soap XD The smell is heavenly and I think they would make very good gifts coming up to Christmas…. specifically gifts to me so I can try the other flavors (marshmallow anyone!?)… Are you reading this Mum?? DO WANT

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