I love face masks and pretty much anything that involves putting it on and being able to relax for a few minutes so I was very happy to try the Absolutely Gorgeous Pink Clay Exfoliating Maskwhich came in my MBBE gift bag.


I was even more excited when I checked out their website and all of their products are 100% paraben free as well as being Australian made and owned! The cute pink girly logo on the site helped too XD

Ignoring all of that the mask comes in quite a big container as you can see and it retails for AU$34.95. I’ve used it maybe 5 times so far and have barely made a real dent in it yet, so I think the price is fair considering the number of uses you would end up getting.


Application is quite smooth, and the smell was pleasant but not overpowering. My skin is very sensitive and now that I’m looking on the website, it actually says this is not suitable for sensitive skin >_<

The mask has tiny little beads for exfoliation which were a little hard on my skin and the first time I used it there was a minor burning sensation so I would agree that this is best for less sensitive skin.

The results are really good though, after using it my skin felt really smooth and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement after several uses 😀 I would definitely be interested in trying out some of the other items from the range as it’s so hard to find decent quality products which are paraben free and don’t cost an arm and a leg *_*

VERDICT: Suited for less sensitive skin but still does a really good job and is paraben free. A bit pricey but considering the volume still quite good. DO WANT.

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