My ebook- Blogging in Style with Violet is now officially for sale!

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Visit my store section for more information and to make your purchase by clicking below:

Visit the store and view the ebook listing!

After purchasing with Paypal you will be automatically sent an email with a link and a password for you to download it ^_^

New information about the hardcover versions…

Now a whole lot of you said you were interested in purchasing it as a hardcover edition. I’ve looked into printing on demand via Blurb but as putting it out as a hardcover version involves me having to go through and change a lot of it (eg. changing many many clickable links into a text link reference section etc) I want to gauge the amount of interest in the price first. If I was to print it via Blurb the cost would be AU$55 plus shipping or US$50 plus shipping. Not sure about the difference considering the current exchange rate but this is going off their prices. It’s a decent chunk of money so I completely understand if many of you who expressed interest in the previous post wouldn’t be able to afford it. So I’ve set up a form below where if you think you would be interested in purchasing at that price or if you want one but would prefer it to be cheaper I can look at other options… Just pop in your email and I will keep you in the loop ^_^


Thanks so much for all of your support, I’m very excited about all of this ^_^

I hope those of you that decide to buy really enjoy the book and find it helpful! Do let me know if you have any questions or problems <3

*Edit* I’ve just been informed that the shop currently has layout issues when viewed in Chrome. I am trying to fix this now but in the mean time for best results please use Firefox or if you would like to purchase but can’t manage in your current browser just email me 🙂 */Edit*

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